Leina, Diamond Hunter!

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A sexy cowgirl finds a huge diamond on a rock spire, and proceeds to (climbing) bust it down with a huge axe!

music from chrono trigger, sounds from no more heroes, final fantasy 6, sounddogs.com, findsounds.com.

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As soon as she threw away the first item I guessed she would pick a small hammer seeing as that is one of the more popular cartoon gags. I wonder how many people thought she was gonna use the axe from the preloader. The biggest problem was why was there a hand in the middle of nowhere with a huge diamond in it? the other hands were empty as well. They could have had emeralds or rubies.
The idea that the hammer could be suspended in the air long enough for the monument to break and drop the diamond before coming down and breaking the diamond was far too silly as well but i sure didn't predict that. the sound didn't snyc for me either. I heard the diamond breaking before it even fell out of the sky.

Kilraussen responds:

the (messed up) sound's a big issue, it seems.

i'll just ask it straight out. what do people do or use for sound editing in the .swf's? all i've got at the moment are tools for a .avi final copy (aka adobe premier).

any advice is appreciated. =)


The sound wasn't synced on my computer either! Love the style of animation. And the cute cowgirl doesn't hurt either.

Kilraussen responds:

=) =) =) thanks for the comments! glad people liked =)

that the sound doesn't sync for some people is a pain, though. (then suddenly remembers the "stream" option in flash, facepalms o.O )

Very Good

I'm going to give this a 4, I would have given it a 5 if the sound was in sync :/ good job though


That was really good! The story was funny and the timing well set. I like the fact you used hand-made background. That haded sensibility and humour (rock hands, ^^).

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Enjoyable on many levels!

I thought the art was wonderful, and the comic timing was spot-on! The music and sound effects really made this for me. They fit so well with the rest. And the Fighting cat part had me in stiches!

Credits & Info

3.90 / 5.00

Sep 17, 2010
5:41 AM EDT
Comedy - Original