Jordan 500

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Jordan is a small town girl dreaming about an actress career in a big city.
But harsh reality quickly set in over her dreams. Here, in the big city she wasn't special - just another pretty face trying to start a career... Jordan quickly realized that becoming an actress may not be as easy as she expected. With every passing day, with each unsuccessful audition, she became more and more depressed.

After one night with rich, handsome guy from the club they landed up in her bedroom and then the morning came. She was alone in her bed. Mike had disappeared, but... on her nightstand she found $300 and a note: "You were amazing but you need to wake up. Things aren't always what they seem." After the first shock passed, she become furious. "He treated me like a whore! How could he do something like that?"

She started to rethink last night's events. 300 bucks was more than enough to pay for her flat for the next week or two. Maybe selling her body was actually a solution for what she called "temporary problems"? She liked sex, and it was easy money. Moreover, there was a slight chance, that doing that she might finally meet the right person to help her with her career.

So, you have 100 days to find true love or become number one call girls in town - the decision is yours.


This was pretty badass for a game. Normally with these kinds of games I want more in-depth sex scenes, but everything was so well done that I ended up being more interested and involved in the storyline than I initially expected.

Well worth a look for people who want something more than a five minute sex game.


Great game but how do I drive

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Good game. I really like it.

socialrealistic pornography

A game that shows the reality without make up, but still without pointing moralist fingers. It's up to the player if she wants to be a prostitute, fashion adviser or even living of temporary incomes as movie castings and blood donations. The many options add to the value a lot. As stated before, some events were random, as i only went to movie date with the boyfriend once. The replay value becomes less if you can not play the game another way and see what happens.

One thing which is unrealistic is that the effects of makeup is permanent in this game, while it really should wear off next day. Also, going to gym and training muscles should add to self defense as well as self-defensive tactics training.

One thing which could add to freedom of the game would be an option to sell narcotics or rob the bank, or at least work as female pimp with heavy taxing of the moral. It could open for risk taking and days in jail as well.

Another thing that could make for improvement is more places to meet costumers, instead of just three places with different demands, you could go to retirement homes for old men, suburbs for housewives, universities for students and so on. More female costumers would also add to choices.

But all in all, good game both in graphics and structure.

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I am a man,but I feel...

What a pity to be a WHORE!

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4.33 / 5.00

Sep 16, 2010
6:28 PM EDT
Simulation - Dating