Snail`s Story

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Help a little brave Captain Snail to overcome all obstacles
to save the princess from captivity and to propose marriage her.


I love this game...

It's extremely simple, but plays very well. An excellent combination.

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cool game man. nicley done!


For some reason, I get a little bit of nostalgia from playing this game. This is excellent. The physics can use a little work, though.

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Glitched. A lot.

Let's see...

Good news:
Good music;
Good design;
Average gameplay;
Good story;
The end scene is funny.

Bad news:
Too less levels;
The jump system is odd... Very odd... This give you an 'average' gameplay.
And, sorry... I beat the game without taking any key. In front of the door, turn into a snail and walk backwards ot the door. You will just pass through it :(
Just fix that bugs, make more levels and it will be a great game.

Deserve 6/10.

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a bit torn

it's cute, but want't too much fun. When jumping, the ratio of horizontal to vertical velocity seems weird. Transforming into a snail didn't add to the gameplay, crawling through tight spaces isn't much of a special ability.

I felt that the game didn't give me much choices. I had to use the snail in tight spaces, but wasn't allowed to use it anywhere else (mana restrictions, snail being useless). I couldn't choose between fighting or evading enemies, I had to evade them. Even though it looked like a free-exploration game, the level design forced me to either take the intended path, or backtrack to the intended path later (which is just tedious if the intended path isn't obvious).

Then there were the bugs. Damage boosts could transport me right through walls, possibly to places where you get stuck. Keys are generally useless since you can easily pass doors without them (with a trick borrowed from super mario bros.). Both wouldn't be a problem if I hadn't run into them unintentionally, forcing me to restart the last level twice.

Hence only 6 points.

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Credits & Info

3.30 / 5.00

Sep 16, 2010
12:16 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle