Smoke Kills (...)

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UPDATE 12/11/2010
Holy S***! I didn't Noticed the FP!
Thanks Everybody! :D
This animation took me some extra time cause of particles.
The cigarette smoke and the bloodbath were some sort of experimentation, and looking at the result i'm quite satisfied with the time spent behind it.

If you're asking yourself "Why??" just stop it. It won't bring you anywhere :D

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Wow! This was very witty, made me gasp and smile. I love classic "and then they blew up" cartoons, I was totally expecting a "smoking's bad for you" vibe and just how this turned out made the entire video funny in general. I hope it doesn't sound like i'm over exaggerating when I say that this is the most excitement a cartoon (that isn't SU) has brought me in a really long time. Depression really sucks the life out of things, but somehow this made it through anyways.

DrpOpZ responds:

Well, that's definitely more than i could have expected from this animation. As long as there's people nice like you around you can definitely win depression. Thank you for this review, it really made me happy. Have a nice summer man! :)

Thanks man, after some decent amount of your videos you brought a smile on my face. I am really into your taste of humor. But I won't try a joke here because it would be awful. !! Tihy

DrpOpZ responds:

Thanks for this comment :) it made me smile. Guess we're even :D

i watched it a million times

and i shall watch it......no more,because im dead

I love it.

The part I liked most is the replay button and the hilarity that ensues after every time I click it. *click*




that's bullshit comparing whit this!

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3.82 / 5.00

Sep 15, 2010
6:42 AM EDT
Comedy - Original