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I made this a while ago for Art class. It's short because I don't have a working tablet and I had to use the schools tablet. 10 fps

This sucks, I know


whoa hold the phone

I dont see how this is bad, sure it was short but theres no reason to say that it was bad! the background at first glance just reminded me of the old super mario games hahahah! I have an intuos small tablet and their awesome definitly consider getting one!!

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Seems like a hack/glitch or something. Don't know how this is 4th all time. It's not awful, but I wouldn't say its great.


good job. even without a table it was good enough

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it was okay. the animation wasnt fluid, too low fps. however at least you had a "joke" or "punchline". its not bad at all, but youve got to improve on the animation

now can someone tell me whats up with the scoring atm? everyday there are old and unworthy flashes in the top ten. seriously whats up with that?

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You're popular!

Dude, I don't know how you did it, but this somehow got into the Top 10 highest rated of all time! It was a fairly old flash for that matter! For however you did this, I think its strongest point was probably how the animation was so good. It's great to have stuff like this that harkens back to our childhoods. I admit that I wasn't expecting that ending with all the birds. I hope you got as good a grade in art class as you did here!

I'm guessing "Spirds" was supposed to be the names of the animals that appeared in this? You might want to also have a "Replay" button. The music was pretty good and it gave off a pretty good sense of fulfillness. I can't make many suggestions, because it was just something you did for class. It could have used a better punchline.

RobertTaylor responds:

Top 10? I don't understand...

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4.49 / 5.00

Sep 15, 2010
12:26 AM EDT