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*Update* Front page?! Thats insane! Cheers Tom!!

*Update* Wow, daily second! thats awesome, cheers guys!!

Ive been a member of newgrounds for years and years, watching and enjoying many of the films, but Ive never submitted any of my animations - so here it goes! I made this piece completely in Flash CS4 and sound effects in SoundBooth, hope you guys enjoy it, I loved animating it, even though it seemed to take forever...

Cheers for watching!



It took a random and sudden turn for the Japanese, but otherwise it was very well animated. And cute as all getout.

all your 5's are belong to...you?!

a-freaking-mazing. animation was fluid as hell, colors were vibrantly done, and physics were top of the top. you're gonna go far, kid. constructive criticism is... none?! wow, havn't got to say that alot. 'twas wonderful, broseph. keep em coming and coming and coming

Awesome Job

I don't know if this has been mentioned yet, but one of the strengths to this film is how you related to your audience. I think we all remember when we were little running around as much as possible on a dry barren day trying to get our kites off the ground. The samurai jack style also was a good choice, and the POV shot of the kite reminds me of something Hayao Miyazaki would attempt.

The morale of the story also has me intrigued, as the kite flying away could represent growing up or a loss of innocence, or the willingness to let something go. I am curious to what your interpretation of it was when you were animating this story.

I am actually very surprised that this didn't win a weekly award, and I think this should be up for a tanky at the end of the year. Great Job and hope to see much more from you :D

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Awesome job for at first-timer

This was a great movie, loved your little story, and it was very well executed. :)
Only negative things I could think of, to come with at least SOME constructive criticism was:
I would have wished there were a bit more music in the beginning. Due to the lack of music, except for that one part, made the music that WAS there, seem misplaced IMO.
The other thing is that I felt it lacked something. Something I couldn't quite put my finger on.

Even still, I really enjoyed watching it, and I'll look forward to seeing your next works. :)

What took you so long!? :]


You weren't a samurai jack animator in the past were you?

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Sep 14, 2010
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