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*Update* Front page?! Thats insane! Cheers Tom!!

*Update* Wow, daily second! thats awesome, cheers guys!!

Ive been a member of newgrounds for years and years, watching and enjoying many of the films, but Ive never submitted any of my animations - so here it goes! I made this piece completely in Flash CS4 and sound effects in SoundBooth, hope you guys enjoy it, I loved animating it, even though it seemed to take forever...

Cheers for watching!

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You are a wonderful animator!

Here is everything I liked:

- The visuals - You did such a fantastic job on this; everything is fluid and the colors are rich and warm. You created a great 'feel' for everything. I especially liked your atmospheric effects, such as the clouds as they whipped by the bird and kite as they flew. You are really good at creating a 'magical' environment, and immersing the viewers into a world.

- The audio - I like your use of sound in this; minimal sound other than a select few sound effects where needed. Music during this whole animation would have ruined it a little, in my opinion. I feel this way because with what you had, it felt like I was there, too. Music would have made me feel more like I was viewing something, rather than 'experiencing' it. That's what you did; you created an experience for the viewers.

-The animation - Very fluid and life-like. It never lagged or seemed fake or bad at any point. You definitely have a very distinct style which I enjoy. The way the girl, the bird, and the kite all sort of danced around in their own little movements, it all worked together. The clouds, too; I really enjoyed how you made the clouds sort of 'interact' with everything, too.

Overall, this animation as a whole was really amazing. You are truly very good at this, and I look forward to seeing more from you. I can't think of any negative feedback to add to this review, because everything thoroughly impressed me.

nicely done

this is so beautiful

What a kite

This was one of the finest animations I have seen in awhile here. It was just great to see the gorgeous animation and make you realize all the beauty that could be fine in everyday mundane life. It was weird at times, but still one you should probably remember. Maybe someday I will be inspired to buy FlashPlayer and make my own animations. I am not sure if there was supposed to be any deep message or anything with this cartoon. It was probably just meant to show how fun it is to fly a kite and how nice birds are and stuff.

Beautiful very beautiful :)

Lookout world it's a magical kite


Before I pay my respects to the absolutely masterful animation that you accomplished in this piece of art, Pierson, I would just like to tell Didgaraya that he is an ignorant moron for criticizing the quality of this video. "Animation is on OK level, I would say and I had a feeling as if it's definitely a vessel for telling a story rather than animation done for animation sake," as he commented. Well then, Mr. Didgaray, I'm truly shocked by the absurdity that is your ability to speak. An artist's purpose for creating a Flash animation is his/her own prerogative, and they are fully entitled to focusing more on the animation than a mere story. This is not the "Writer Portal." But in fact, I do believe that Pierson spent a lot of thought on the story of this animation, although it would appear that the aptitude for maturated intelligence required to comprehend ingenious poetic scenes has escaped lower lifeforms like yourself.

As for my respects, I am very impressed out how intricate this animation is. There are so many independent animations going on in every single frame, and it all looks worthy of being made into a film. Well done!

5/5 (10 stars)

Credits & Info

4.74 / 5.00

Sep 14, 2010
12:30 PM EDT

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