Daddy Dearest II

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Mr. Krabs and Squidward got into a beautiful relationship in the previous Daddy Dearest. Squidward and Mr. Krabs arrange to meet at a hotel and engage in hot sweaty sex, but when Mr. Krabs arrives, he is shocked by what he finds waiting for him in his room.

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this is real Art!

great musik



Gaycied responds:

Unless Viacom sees this, then I am sure this is perfectly legal.

A shocking conclusion to the story of the century

I can't believe what has occurred in this thrilling ending to my favorite series of all time. I don't know whose side to take, Squidward or Mr. Krabs. Each character had their flaws but were likeable nonetheless. Hopefully Squidward will realize he has made the mistake of his lifetime and has lost his loved one.

The opening scene gripped me from the second I pressed start. I adored the scrolling window view of the "Hotel de Fag", showing how being a fag is nothing to be ashamed of. However, that second we see Mr. Krabs is heartbreaking. Holding the roses waiting for his lover at the door, Mr. Krabs anxiously awaits his night with Squidward. But, when he peaks in through the window he sees Squidward with another. Traumatized, Mr. Krabs leaves, literally blue, showing how sad he truly it. As walks down the street, he notices a gun store, and depressingly enters. This where he buys the shotgun and eventually offs himself. The last scene is without a doubt the most touching, since we see Mr. Krabs in a coffin, waiting to enter the core of the earth.

I give this performance a 6/10, a perfect score.

Gaycied responds:

Get back to work mister Squidward


hey how is it called the song at the ending when mr krabs is sad then dies? its kinda cool :p

Gaycied responds:

lmfao, the song is Lillium