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Robot Arena

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Survive as continuous wave of robot attacks you. Upgrade your gears and learn new skills as you level up.

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i literally can't see any numbers. not unplayable, but wtf. can't tell what wave, how many points, money, or level.

great game i died at wave 25

Great but

Its a good game but get's too easy boring after a while even though it also got alittle too easy at towards the higher waves espaceilly after the cock roach's since you almost lvled instantly, good game to waste time on though


well relly boring after awile but still a good game bought all the stuff kicked the crap out of evrything got bored cause it was too easy and i dont get whats with people and the spider boss you get the luner beam sword the autolife potion amulet about 50 or so poitions and just keep wailin on her till she keels over using maxed out energy sword dance it takes a few minutes but it works(and i just hit her in watever spots easiest at the time)

Not too shabby...

For the record, if you attack the spider from behind you cause more damage.

Generally not a bad game. Mechanics work fairly well (noticed that the robot would hang a little if your cursor left the flash window, but I bet that's my machine...) I could complain a little about the control scheme (the number keys?) or the constant thrumming sound (brings back World Cup memories).

Actually I might mention the sound a bit more; most of the effects were great (explosions, electricity, etc.) but that thrumming sound might have been more appropriate in a robot survival horror game. It reminds me a bit of the radio from Silent Hill 1 or a sound you'd expect to hear in Dead Space. I'd expect something different for a robot arena. Maybe a crowd cheering or an announcer (a robot announcer, lol) and probably a couple of sports stadium favorites ("ya'll ready for this?" or the organ from baseball games). It's really nothing huge, but little touches like that can go a long way.

That said, i don't know that anything could fix the repetition. I gave up after wave 26. I had all but one skill and all the items. Considering the amount of money the character earns and that you can access the shop at any time, once you've bought the auto-life amulet you're effectively immortal as long as you pay attention. Add the fact that you'll be killing the same sets of enemies between boss waves and I just couldn't see myself playing this for another 50 waves to see if it again became challenging.

Unfortunately, I don't think there's a simple fix. Sure you could make shop items more expensive or restrict access to the shop to the end of each wave. You could make upgrades cost more, enemies do more damage and recieve less, or have more appear at once. All of these things would make the game harder, but would it be more enjoyable?

I think the key is to think like an arena owner (robo arena owner). What would your audience want to see? What would keep hypothetical paying customers coming back? More colorful (figurativly) characters might help. Arena rules could be a plus as well. Like the laws in Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced, you could force the player to defeat enemies with a certain weapon, power, or armor, etc. Force the challenger to adapt to the situation and then create even more outlandish circumstances to keep him on his toes. Because no one has fun playing games in their sleep...