[Visible] III

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Data Collector 10 Points

Information is important to a ninja

Got Bytz? 10 Points


Hanging Out 10 Points

Oh you know... just chillin'

Heart Breaker 10 Points

This medal is your consolation for dying a little inside

Never Give Up 10 Points

If at first you don't succeed, try and try and try and try...

Ready for More 10 Points

As if the first time didn't suck enough

Secret Training 10 Points

You are now a beginner ninja

Grand Data Man 25 Points

Because knowledge is power!

Grand Intrusion 25 Points

Hey, you're pretty good at this!

Invincible 25 Points

With practice comes greatness

Mission Complete 25 Points

High five for great success!

Powered Up! 25 Points

Like Mario, but with more awesome

9 Lives 50 Points

However, only a ninja cat could do this

Flawless Infiltration 50 Points

A master of the craft

Ran the Gauntlet 50 Points

You are a brave one

Speed Run King 50 Points

Inevitable danger doesn't slow you down! Well, not that much.

Immortal 100 Points

You are a god among ninjas!

Undetectable 100 Points

A perfect shadow, a master of stealth!

Author Comments

Hello Newgrounds!

It's been a long time coming, but here is the third and final [Visible] game!

I've put tons of hard work into fixing the previous issues with the [Visible] series. There was a lot of time and thought put into the best balanced collision and toned and precise controls. I've added a couple new traps and a new game mechanic that ultra fun!

There was other talent that went into this game as well. A big thanks to Jhrawr for the Art/ Animations (you'll love the death by fire) and another huge thanks to Symphony of Specters for the outstanding Audio! You guys are awesome!

A huge thanks to the fans of the series for sticking it out until it became good :P

Also, 98% of internet users have Flash Player 10. Do you? (because you NEED it for this game)

/*EDIT*/ The user generated levels don't work anymore unfortunately, as the service I was using for them went out of business. Bummer.


I have Flash Player 10

This was fun to play because it was a truly original idea. I always had to look out for everything on both sides and it was so easy to forget the lower half. The graphics themselves are really good, especially with how the ninja gets set on fire and everything. I had some trouble climbing and everything and the arrow keys work a lot better for me. The background is good and gives a nice futuristic feeling. The hazards are everything are pretty standard and I do not even know how the upgrades work.

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AethosGames responds:

The upgrades increase the amount of time you can stay invisible or climb the walls.

I thought it was really good!

Well I don't know about everyone else but I thought you did a kickass job to this game!
It entertained me for 1-2 hours till I can't get passed certain level anymore xD and damn it got actually crazy hard around the end! Loved it though, it was really well programmed <3
And this game did kinda remind me of splinter cell specially the dudes looks, but oh well
The only annoying thing I found was the games dimensions, I don't know about everyone else but I run on 1024x768 and I kept having to scroll up and down to see if I won't get killed by a landmines surprisingly D:
Also a storyline would be good too if you could add one :D
All in all it was good mate

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Good game

I found it both fun and challenging with out being irritating.
the only thing i would like to see instead of traveling along black blocks improve the scenery a jungle would look way cooler then black squares and rectangles too me at least.

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It's ok..

It's cool and all, but it starts to get really boring after a while.

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I usually analyse all the little details in my reviev but this game is so perfect I don't have anything to get deeply in. Perfect art, perfect music, perfect controls, perfectconcept, perfect delivery.

I can't say a bad thing about.

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AethosGames responds:

Thanks :) I'm glad you enjoyed it as I put a lot of hard work into it.

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3.99 / 5.00

Sep 13, 2010
12:18 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other
  • Daily 2nd Place September 14, 2010