Rose And The Stem: Part 1

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I Got The Insperation To Do This After Browsing Newground And Noticing A Lot Of Quite Creepy & Strange Flashes, In A Good Way Of Course. And So I Headed To Flash To Brainstorm Some Ideas, But In The End I Got Carried Away And Finished It Up. Hopefully If This Is Well Receved Then I Shall Carry On And Do Multiple Parts Revealing More Of The Story.
I Enjoyed Making This And I Enjoy Making More In The Future :D
I Love The Music By Callie Moore And I Felt This One Fit Perfectly With The Tone Of The Flash. (Though The Song Does Go Weird When The Flash Replays, I Have No Idea How To Stop It Overlapping Sorry.)

Lets See Whats In Store For Rose And Her Journey...


You did chose a good song.

Well, for starters I'd suggest a loadbar. I saw a white screen which made me wonder if anything was happening at all. Togheter with the loadbar you also need a play and replay button. This is just basic user friendlyness.

You should definatly tweak the soundfile. There are some actionscripts that make you stop all sounds at the end off a flash, I'm sure you can find that somewhere on the net. Cause right now I'm typing this while the song is playing over each other again and again.

I'm not gonna say much about the art style, cause what really makes a movie is the story and the composition of the images. This story for instance doesn't seem to go anywhere. Maybe that will improve if you add extra stories to the journey or make this one longer, who knows what you are planning :)

So basicly what I'm saying is, do a checkup on the sound, story and loadbar/buttons and I'm sure you'll do a fine job in making some fun and interesting stories and I wish you all the best luck for it. :)

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BatdanTheDarkKnight responds:

Ahh Yes That Is Definatly Something I'll Add. I'm Not Great With Actionscript So I'll Have To Learn Up On That Before I Start The Next One.
Yeah I Think For Some It's To Short And They Don't Understand It, Which Is Kinda What I Was Going For But Not In A Bad Way Just An "Oh I Want To Know More" Kind Of Way.
But I Was Planning On Making The Next One Longer As It Was And Adding More Story To It.

Thank You Though, This Has Been The Most Helpfull Crit Yet, As You Can See It Has Potential But Your Not Ripping Into It So Again I Thank You =]


I am not very fond of your flash, sorry... too short, too corny...
A few hints-
1.: Practice animating walking cycles (it's a pain in the ass, but you'll need 'em all the time)
2.: Practice drawing
3.: Use less tweens (Frame by frame stuff takes long, but it looks cooler. Most times.)


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BatdanTheDarkKnight responds:

This Is Really Useful Crit, Thank You.
Yeah The Walking Animations Were Kinda Bad But I Didn't Worry About It Too Much At The Time Because They Wern't On Show To Much, But Thats No Excuse I Shall Definatly Work On That, The Drawing Can Obviously Be Improved But I Don't Think It Was Too Bad Kind Of Gives It A Certain Style, Just Needs Tuning Up!
And There Wasnt Actuall Too Many Tweens Just For Movement Across The Page And The Apple Falling, I Did Use Frame By Frame (poorly i admit) For A Few Things, But Again It Stands To Be Worked On, But I'll Get On That For The Next Project!
Thank You For Watching And Your Crit =]


i fuckin love the music man, great!

BatdanTheDarkKnight responds:

Sweet =D I'm Glad You Like The Music!

Talking Like This

Really Pisses Me Off, Please Change It As It Just Makes You Look Retarded.

BatdanTheDarkKnight responds:

Wow, Thanks For Your Crit On The Flash =] Its Invaluable.
And I Think I'll Keep "Talking" Like This Because Its How I Like To 'Type' Alright. Only One Who Looks Foolish Here Is You.

its nice-ish

Welllllllll.... seems like a nice concept... whatever it was.
Music is good after a few loops of the vid... But it loops over other parts of the song. Framerate could be sped up. And at the beginning it is way too quiet, which sucks. And you need a preloader. so..... need loads of work. Basically improve alll of it

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BatdanTheDarkKnight responds:

Thanks For The Constructive Crit =D Yeah It Hopefully Going To Improve On Further Flashes But I Can't Get Better Without Practise And Feedback Right? Yeah I'm Happy With The Concept And The Music Was One Of The Problems I Couldn't Seem To Solve.
I Put A Fade In On The Song Though So It Started Quiet.
I'll Take On Some Of Your Crit And Hopefully Use It Too Improve My Next Animation!

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Sep 13, 2010
10:14 AM EDT