Spaceland Adventure

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Thirty waves.

Seven health.

One life.

Lots of F.O.E.

This game was a small game I put together for testing purposes, but I found it to be fun, so I'm uploading it here. All constructive criticism welcome.

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Nice game!
My score is 110099 NEW RECORD
5/5 stars


Not what i was expecting during the first 10-15 seconds of gameplay, but then everything became interseting very quickly. Fun, but not much lasting appeal due to lack of power ups, bosses, or different ships

Great demo of your abilities.

slower pace, more enemies per spawn.


Seriously, not knowing how much health you have left is annoying.

Promising concept

Keep up the good work

its not bad

I really adore the chaotic design. love the gimmics and references, controls are fine and having some originality by the rotating, even if it's useless and a bit hard to use. Music is chilling, really nice, the design is simple yet entertaining.

Problem is the methods of the game is not built up well enough. A single enemy is not a vawe. The level concept is a bit chatoic, and looks like it's just thrown together, too much different enemies are introudced in a really short phase or at the same time. All of them are with different attacks, so there's no time to get to know how they work, since there's another different enemy coming suddenly after the previous. Would have been better if you introduce similar enemies in one designed out vawe, then after you introduced them you mix them together, not just randomly, but with a level design, first just two differnet enemies, then more and more. When you are making a game it's like you make two people know each other, you have to introduce the one to the other, with the right things to be done at the right time. 1st vawe, galaxian enemies, 2nd phase Sonic enemies, 3rd phase mario enemies etc. And think about how the waves are coming cause now it's just a bunch of enemies coming randomy, You could have put them at different places and at different time, making a chain of enemies or a shape what leads the player to points where the enemies could be avoided. This way you can force the player to go wherever you want them to go, and do stuff what they think is beyond their capability. And that's how you could make the stage as hard as you want it to be. This is how it works in games. Now the difficulty is just not built up either, at the beginning it's easy, with one enemy appearing, then it's getting messed up with a lot of enemies, then again just one enemy comes out at the time, you have to build momentum up there, and that's just not in the game right now cause of the randomness of the phases and the fast dropping and increasing difficulty. Now the whole game is just all up to luck, random enemies, at random times and random places, that culd be frustrating, the player is just left in chaos and has no given chance to just get out of some of the hazards you made up there cause you don't lead the player. And also the shooting is not introudced, we don't know when and why does it have rapid fire.
Again introdution, then deep water. And level design.

It's a really promising atempt, but I strongly advice to give some more time, and work to it. I give 7 and holding for points, for the messed up level concept, the fast changing difficulty, the chaotic level design, and left out explanations.

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3.53 / 5.00

Sep 13, 2010
6:47 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight