Brain Food 2: Lower Forms

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***I strongly suggest NOT watching this before the original, as you will be entirely lost if you do. Whether that matters to you is your business. ***

This is as much another version of the first short as it is a sequel to it. It is a parallel narrative that runs concurrently. I have been working on it since I finished the first, and have been adding to it in between and alongside other projects unrelated to animation.

I did all the music this time around, with some advice offered by my good friend Matt Greenwood, who has some brilliant animations up here on Newgrounds of his own. I strongly suggest searching for his account after you're done here.

Feel free to expand the display area for a bigger picture. Feedback is appreciated and I will read it all.

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You do know how to bite someones style! You even went for the grotesque imagery mixed with the gentlemanly vernacular. But we couldn't expect a Canadian to string it together so affluently as our David could we. Mr Firth will sleep soundly.


it must be said... i liked the first more(although in time my opinion is quite reversible)... if you are still working on this series, i HIGHLY support your efforts!! it is nothing less than a mind fuck...
(wonderful graphics... its not the same without the way of the frame)


half-marilyn manson guys

the movie of the M.M it's so terrible,that's going to be awsome


i didnt understand a fn thing in that!!!


lol @ bugsex

ur not David Firth though
or somebody