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Paradise Invaders

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Heaven and Hell - two sides of the same coin! Can you survive the invasion?

Movement: Mouse
Minimize: Space
Restart: R
Mute: M

If you get to level 3, you are an average player.
If you get to level 5, you are a good player.
If you get to level 7, you are an awesome player!
If you get to level 10... you are a God!

This is my first game, feedback is much appreciated!


When hitting an enemy, the game does not freeze, you can restart by pressing R.
Maybe a menu would be useful after all! :P

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Well enough for a first attempt

This is a pretty fun idea. The concept is good and the gameplay is adequate.
What it really needs is a goood thick layer of polish. A storyline, different enemy models, a larger play area, and possibly giving the whole thing some more time in the drawing stage.

Otherwise, a good start.

chrisp0 responds:

I appreciate the feedback :)
Especially a storyline and more enemies would give the game a diffrent feel and make it less repetitive and therefore, more fun.

Really nice!

It's good considering it's your first game, so I won't be harsh, I liked the way how you balanced the difficulties but the problem is that you should remove the remaining "invaders" from the level that has just been passed, just my opinion.

Level 10 passed on the first try!
( 2nd actually cause I got hit instantly when I started the game >_< )

chrisp0 responds:

Yes, the game is propably too easy... As for clearing the stage on every level, it could be done, but I don't see what that would offer to the gameplay, except of making it even easier. Thank you for your time!


Was abit simple and easy.

You could have added breaks between the levels where the player is allowed to upgrade stuff (size, speed, health, minimize time, minimize reload time) and you could have done it so that the enemies and the character was smaller.

All in all its a very simple game. not too fun really. kept me entertained for about one minute, if that much. I got to lvl 10 on 2nd try.

Spend some time practicing, I'm sure the flash forum will be glad to help you. Also next time, get an animator to do the animating work.

Hope that helped, have a nice day!

chrisp0 responds:

Haha, then you are a God.
I will get an animator next time!
Thank you!


But very cool! Congratulations chris! Good work!

chrisp0 responds:

Thanx :)

good but please improve

truthfully it was a good game but heres the problem a bit. sorta like a glitch. Sometimes for some reason the things would hit me without touching me close enough. like half a milimeter away and it hits me. you could also add variety of new enemies and maybe special Negative and positive powerups that fall.

chrisp0 responds:

Glitch? I will look into that. As for the new enemies and stuff, it's my first game and I am already working on a new game, I'll have it in mind for the sequel! Thank you for your help.