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September 11, 2010 –
November 18, 2010
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

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Madness Accumulation II

I am so sorry to deliver this message, I will have a bad reputation for this, and I cannot say it is none of my fault. My computer screwed up along with flash, it just cannot handle it, but I am sorry to all I have excited, including my fellow members. I love you all. Here is the nearly complete menu. Sorry, goodbye, I am done with newgrounds forever.

Also thanks to Edge for the tricky pic


The menu is decent. I really like the background and everything, but the filters are way overused, ESPECIALLY on the buttons! Just make the buttons simple next time!! The camera panning and the layout were nice, but the way the text is on the main menu looks so messy and it distracts from the submission as a whole. And of course there's the problem that there isn't actually any animation yet. So simplify the menu a little, get the collab finished, and resubmit.

the menu its not working,the menu its good but nothing its working! and now? you guys going remake the collab? :(

this collab menu was one of the best that i´ve joined, but you just cancelled it, im really sad, i´ve never seen such a menu, the most cool was the collab members page... so what i going to do with the parts that i´ve send to you already ?

you get a 7. Until the real deal comes out you get a 7.

It's really unfortunate. And that your computer is not tightened, save SWF to collab or what?

Ok first of all, WHY would you submit just a menu? What were you expecting this to do? Where were you expecting it to go? It's just a fucking menu, no need for submission. What morons like you don't realise is that the newgrounds flash portal is not a fucking uploader for tests. If you're going to submit something, make it worth while, not a stupid menu which leads no where.

Secondly, the menu used every fucking filter in flash. It was so fucking laggy, ofcourse your computer would fucking lag out. You fucking retard. If the background was meant to be a frozen image, why was The Auditor's flames still animated? It makes no fucking sense. The buttons raise out way to fucking much, it's fucking stupid.

Lastly, I'm sure people in the right mind could see this Collab was going to be shit in the first place.
Aside from KingApple. <3 KingApple <3

I don't really give a damn if you think its bad, in honest opinion we all are disappointed on this because vista had one of its moments and now 1337 dawg can't do anything anymore about it. If there is any hope left we might be able to finish, but 1337 didn't want to go away forever without nothing.

I was gonna talk about why it didn't play the movie, but I didn't pay attention to the title, all in all, its a great menu, I love the text you used. It was a little slow though and the text grew so big it got in the way of the other options. I'm rating this as a menu, not a movie, if it was a movie I would have given you a 6! :)

no Madness Accumulation??? is it a joke??

well that sucks, you where one of my favs :(

Don't just post a menu, didn't think it was that great anyways.


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