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Rose Destiny Dating Sim

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A dating Sim for Girls (I think I've fixed all the glitches now)

also Adrian is not blood related, just for those who may get confused

Note: make sure to finish the person's dialogue in order to have good ending

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I won with Kai...He is swiggity swag approved

There are some pretty big issues with your scripting...
1) Whenever you click on the "stats" button, your money and HP are immediately reset to 50
2) At the shop: initially clicking "work" takes off 10 HP, but then clicking "back" takes off 20 HP
3) On the stats page: clicking "back" takes you to the town overview, not to where you last were
4) You need to list how much HP it takes to go on dates, and how much HP is spent on the actions while on a date
5) Use pronouns to differentiate between "House" and "Home" [suggestion: change "Home" to "Your Home"]
6) You need to change the guys' response scripting a bit, namely Adrian. His responding "Whatever" to everything after the big, heartfelt revelation is kind of cold. Try using {if... then...} to change their responses after a certain amount of XP has been obtained.
7) What is the point of "Flirt" on the dating screen. I clicked on the appropriately highlighted text for all of a minute, but nothing seemed to happen. I ended up using the "stats" screen as a kind of emergency exit.
8) What is the point of the dating screen in this game, other than following a specific layout? You don't seem to award any sort of extra XP for going on a date.
9) Organize your text boxes a little bit better. Reading them could get a bit tedious, especially with Prince Brandon. For the love of all that is good, do not be afraid to expand the height on his big monologue. The actual area that the text occupies now is highly irritating.
10) Speaking of which... There's a slight logical error in his monologue. His brother being a playboy, traveling the world, and almost impregnating a girl, all before the age of 16 is extremely unlikely. Not impossible, but it pushes the boundaries of willing suspension of disbelief.

That's all for now, I'll review again if I find anything else.


are you goin to make more daings sim? cus i luv this game

Well ...

It's fine, really. The guys have different personalities and yeah, you need money to sleep 'cuz if you don't you'll get kicked out and game over.
BTW, Totally late to ask this, but what program did you use? Thanks!

I wish I can make my own dating sim too *sigh* = ^ = I can only hope.

chickslovegames responds:

sorry for late reply
i use macromedia flash 8, I find it very simple to use compared to the new flash programs

Money to Sleep?!

Why we need money to sleep?!