Apples in the Tree

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Children of the Grave 5 Points

Reach the graveyard

Coward 5 Points

Just leave

Dreamer 10 Points

You dream your life away

Skull Beneath the Skin 10 Points

Wear the Vic Rattlehead mask

Mrs Nice Girl 25 Points

You are such a sweet sweet thing

When You're Evil 25 Points

Your tears are all the pay I'll ever need

Goodnight Demon Slayer 50 Points

Slay 20 demon bastards

Smashing Pumpkins 50 Points

Just smash EVERY single pumpkin

Tornado of Souls 50 Points

Escape the Tornado of Souls

Fan Number 1 100 Points

Get an autograph from Ozzy

Author Comments

A lot of people have complained about the controls, mainly because there's an issue that doesn't allows you jump to the left (while running). However, this happens only when you press the left key, up key, and the space bar at the same time.
I really wish I could fix it, but it's not a problem of my script, it's a problem of our keyboards. Here it's better explained: http://board.flashkit.com/board/showthread.php?t=789015

You can try different combinations like moving with the arrow keys, running with space and jumping with W, or using ctrl to run instead of the space bar, etc. so you won't have any issue.

Just find a path to the Apple Tree.

Well, I worked really hard on this thing. It should have been released like one month ago, but I'm so damn slow, plus drawing with the mouse is such a pain in the ass.
Lots of things happened during the making of this, and well, just try to enjoy it so much.

I also made two songs only for this thing. If your ears start bleeding at some point of the game, then you are probably hearing one of my songs. They are horribly composed, horribly played, and horribly recorded, but I like them, and I just wanted to put them here.
I also made some sounds too!!! YEAH!!!

I just submited an UPDATE!! It could make all of you arrow lovers happy!!!

A or Left arrow = LEFT
D or Right arrow = RIGHT
W or Up arrow = UP
S or Down arrow = CROUCH
SPACE or Ctrl = RUN
MOUSE = INTERACT WITH STUFF (if an object get's brighter when you walk near to it, it means you can click it)
Q = CHANGE THE QUALITY (I recommend you to set it on "medium")

Also, try this, I found it really cool. Walk and crouch with the arrow keys, run with space and jump with W.

Depending on what you do during the game, you will get a different ending. It has three different endings (Coward is NOT an ending).

I also added medals to this, but there's still two medals that hasn't been approved yet, so, I'll put the names and descriptions here till they get approved.

Medal 1
-Gray Fox- 25 pts
Neither enemy nor friend

Medal 2
-The Beast of Pirate's Bay- 50 pts
Help the Beast of Pirate's Bay

Almost forgot it, I couldn't find a place for the credits in the ending scenes, so, I made an entire room just for them. To reach the credits, just open the closet and click the "CREDITS" poster. Do it!!! They are pretty cool because I added an awesome song in it.
Really, go check them out, you may be surprised.

Ok, I don't know what else to say, and the description is kind of big already, so, just play the game and enjoy it so much or I'll be very mad at you.

And really, THANKS A LOT FOR PLAYING THIS THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!! ! !!!
(Also, sorry if the screen is too big)

Woah!! Daily 3rd!!! THANKS A LOT!!!
Front Page??? That's just too much for me. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!



I still remember this game and still love it. :D When the urge comes along I'm definitely going to beat the Tornado of Souls, at least to Sharon Osborne so I can get Ozzy's autograph. XD

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i have a question, how do i get to dream land again?

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It's really hard to kill all those demon things, as well as escape that tornado. Back to playing now

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This is one of the best flash games I ever played.

This game realized me, that games can be art.
One of the best things about this game, is the atmosphere. It shows perfectly a rocker girls mind under this in-game society and the apple tree symbolism is just pure teenager mentalism.
I remember how much I thought about it, and I think the tree scene is about the meaningless of life, what I'am sure every stressful teenager feel or felt at least once in a lifetime.
This girl just throw away a perfect piece of apple, even she was a good girl, because overall it doesn't really matter; nothing really matters for her. And the game about finding out, who she is and what she wants from her life and based upon our choices and carefulness, we will find a direction for it.
Serious, but funny and visually nice and have little easter eggs and small things that helps build this universe the game made into.
Also, this game have the best musics I ever heard of, and they are used pretty well as some scene was build around the music.

This is an all-time classic of online gaming, especially for the teen audience. It entertaining, fun and makes you think in different ways about your life.
This is how I love a game, telling its story, but you decide what does it mean to you.

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4.51 / 5.00

Sep 10, 2010
6:43 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other

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