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Alice is Dead - Ep 3

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Author Comments

Well this is it folks, the end of Alice is Dead. I'd strongly advise you to avoid reading reviews until after you've played unless you want to risk seeing spoilers.

Huge thanks to Tom and Newgrounds for once again sponsoring this. And more importantly, thanks to Newgrounds for making such a large collaboration of talented people possible.

And thank you to all of the fans. You guys seriously rock and motivate us more than you know.

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what the hell

This game has an after credits scene! Just leaving this here.

Juanvicentegomezgil, I got MOST of what you said but dear fucking god, please do a spellcheck next time. It really was hurting my head a little to figure out what you were talking about. Again, I got most of it but the grammer....Jesus Christ dude.

Super laggy is the only thing keeping me from giving this game 5 stars

After playing all the games making theories and realizing Alice is dead 4 is never going to confirm that I realize this game is really BAD really really bad, but why a good point-and-click game? step to be what would pass if Alice in wonderl land have a plot of DRUNG AND GUNS I don't know anything else I don't know WHY THIS GAME IS ONE OF THE HIGHEST RATED GAME IN NEWGROUNS but to know why I hate this saga, I will review all the games
Alice is dead 1: As I said before, it was a good point and click game with difficult puzzles and a very good plot, the only bad thing is that the game is very short, the puzzles sure they complicated, but if you have good memory and you do a second playthrough, you win the game in two minutes, but since it is a flash game, I can totally forgive it, it is a good game that is not perfect and is a little inconsistent, the first is the best i is a game that you must play
Alice is Dead 2: This is just mediocre, I mean, how did we become a wonderful explorable pit? It turns into a Jail and by the way THAT FUCKS WITH THE DESIGN OF THE MAD HATTER. I CAN CAME OUT WITH A BETTER DESING a straitjacket with lots of hats, crazy eyes, and that's how you make a better mad hatter, it only bothers me two minutes after a riddle. and you have to go to the stomach of a dead cellmate, the mad hatter escapes and do a massacre because everyone knows that a little man who can do a massacre with his own bare hands, should not be watched 24/7 nor having more than one guard near him after a good Easter about the cat it gives you an interesting clue, you do more boring puzzles, you find the exit, but you start a machine that makes the fish rain from the sky, you look at the evidence you took and It shows how you kill Alice as I said, this is quite mediocre, I do not think I can say anything if I have not said it before
Alice is dead 3: The Wrost of the saga I am not the captain obius but in my opinion the other two games seem to be in the 1910 or 1930 era but I know that this game you have a phone A FUCKing PHONE sure it only makes calls and text BUT A DAMN FUCKING PHONE REALLY you know you will hate this game from the start after entering the old house with a diary who gives us more information than the whole saga after that we got to a bar when I find something good about this game Alice's song is dead after that, you have to hack a slot machine CALLING A PHONE NUMBER AND THEN YOU FIND AN UNDERGROUND SECRET LABORATORY after that you have to find a tapes because AN UNKNOWN PERSON SEND YOU A TEXT MESSAGE After watching the tapes I translate what they say.the cat is a failed experiment with the daughter of a scientist upsi Then the cat's name is revealed BY A TEXT MESSAGE and he says that before you take the elevator he has a surprise for you, the surprise is a weapon after you take it show, a cutcens when it showns the rabbit climbs to the last floor and is killed by the queen if that does not makes you think what the hell was that, plows him after they get credit, it shows how the queen is going to her car and putting on your cebelts. FOUND A WOMAN WITH A RIFLE THAT'S IS ALICE WITH A DIFFERENT KIND OF HAIR COLOR THAT FAKE IS DEAD AND KILLS THE QUEEN I've seen better plot twists
In my opinion Alice is dead it's like make play half-life1 to a teenager Sure he heard that ffp revolved and that it is one of the best video game stories but when it plays it the game don't age well and that's the same with this saga don't aged well and the games go to good mediocre rt bullshiet is a shame, it could be a good game, but it went the easy way, the only thing I recommend alices is dead 2 and 3 is for is art but keep in mind that thes game and tje last are very bad
Pd:1Sorry for the grammar i know it is horrible and thanks to newgroundsbiggestfan to point at me that my gramar is really bad you really need more reactions
2The reason that i gave it half star it because i was piss that all the people that know newgrounds tell me that Alice is dead saga is the best newgrounds games and when i play it that was far for what is see
3Alson it was 3:09AM in spain and cause couldn't sleep and throw all my frustration at this
4 I will rewrite all the ''review'' and explain some of the point that people don't understand (which i understand)
5 I have raised the rating from a half star to three stars i was to hard on that
Im sorry for what i write i will rewrite it when i have time and sorry for all the people i make angry

Oh and by the way call don't tell me juanvicentegomezgil call me the blond and if you want to insult me or if you want to play tf2 with me you can check out my steam account https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198864031179/

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4.58 / 5.00

Sep 10, 2010
3:38 AM EDT
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