Birthday Girl

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This is a gift to my community.
We encourage teens to understand how important it is with family!
And the consequences that may occur if you handle before thinking.

Review please!

Sorry for the giant size, please be patient!

Note: Please turn up your volume!

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I understand...Nice work.

Nice work !!!!!!!


Umm...nice animation and moral and all....but i was wondering..why is this rated adult?

cant give it any better

i figured out the moral. its telling you to enjoy family just as much as friends (if this isnt the case it has none i can see). and i cant say anything about animation because i stink at drawing.im not a big fan of these but that didnt effect the rating. if you added color, voice acting and removed the music track that plays through it all you would have probably would have gotten a 7 from me. i say its good and bad.

Horrible, in every way possible

And you criticize the adventures of Steve while you cant barely make anything with greater than a 3.2 in scores?

Crappy animations if you can even consider this stuff animation, no color/monochrome, no voices, bleh bad song too.