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Int-Battles (OLD 2)

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Very good, great start

A fun game. Also a nice tweaking of a few common categories. It almost feels like a combination of real time strategies and those games where you send like half of your troops in one area to attack another area down the path (games like civilization wars). But with more freedom then games like civilization wars (instead of having set paths, i could go to any planet i wanted to in any order). Now for a few critiques.

The HUD and controls need to be worked on. The combination of trying to control ships and scroll the map at the same time with the mouse is a bit annoying because I would click to scroll the map and my guys would start heading there and I would have to do that process a few times if the distance was far and I didn't want to zoom out (so I could still see all the ships). Also a few times I would forget to hit spacebar and i would click somewhere else, realize I just told my guys to go there and have to reclick where I actually wanted them.

I am a big fan of the age of empires system of group guys, which is if you hold control and push one of the numbers on top of the keyboard, it automatically assigns that as a group. So if you want to get that group you just need to push 1, or 2, or 3, or whatever number you assigned and they would automatically get selected (even double tapping the number to make the screen automatically jump to their position). Having groups like that makes it easier to manage multiple groups at once and allows you to get as specific as you want in groups (maybe having a light fighter group, heavy fighter group, etc.).

What would also be nice is along the bottom of the screen when you select a group is a small picture of each ship (just large enough to tell which ship it is at a glance) with a health bar under it. So you can watch your group of ships' progress and tell how fast they are dying without waiting to see how fast your ships blow up. Health bars will also help tell how much life the ship has at a glance. Because I could see how much health they had numerically, but that number would mean different things for different ships and i couldnt easily tell if the ship had "500" hp if that was high or low for that specific ship since each one had a different amount of HP.

Another problem I had was with capping planets and resource amount. I didn't fully understand why at the beginning of the levels capping a planet would give me like a 100 resource rate bonus with just one planet, but more towards the end of the level i would cap 1 planet and go from a resource rate from 35 to 39, then i would cap another planet right after and it would go from like 33 to 36, etc. It was like no matter how fast or how many planets I captured from the middle to the end it would not give any significant increase to my resource rate. I feel that if I have almost all planets in the system that I should be making a lot of resources to make any ship I want, not just enough to make a few light fighters. Maybe have it so each planet gives a little boost in the resource rate, but then sets the lower limit of the resource rate higher. For example, you have a resource rate of 50 that it can't go lower, you cap a planet worth 10 resource points and it raises that rate to 150 which slowly lowers (unless you cap another, which will raise it more). But this time it can only lower down to 60, instead of 50. That way more planets will always guarantee more money in the long haul, and capping planets quickly will give you a large money boost.

I think every planet needs to have a permanent health bar. It would help to know how weak planets are to decide if you should keep guys attacking, or move back for defense.

I would also suggest adding more diversity to map. make planets more extreme, big planets take longer to cap, but give bigger resource bonuses, small planets easier but give less, and then everything in between.

I am about to reach my character limit, and i would like to say i really enjoyed it, or else i wouldn't have wrote so much. keep improving! and also add sound effects lol. Can't wait for the next


Your loading bar appears to be broken or the file is currupted, I've done all I can on my end to try and make the flash reload and make sure its not saved in my temp.

I would recommend checking your initial loading sequence to see what could be causing this strange issue.

Palias responds:

I was getting the preloader to work properly by turning off the "Export on first frame" property on at least 9000 imported library items and putting them all in the 3rd frame so that they load after the preloader... no longer deeming it useless ;D

You played a version I temporarily uploaded that I had screwed up.


As far as flashes go this is great, nice game play and graphics :D



Excellent development.

I really like your style of RTS design. It's not about building endless people factories like warcraft games, it's about getting your combat force together and going straight to the enemy with it.

10/10, but one thing I'd like to suggest as room for improvement is to make the buttons and other interface objects clearer and simpler; more color contrast in the buttons and display would make it more comfortable on the eyes..