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So on the last night of the 2010 Newgrounds Tank Awards me and chris O'Neill were doodling and I got this idea for some short cartoon to do while we were there and record the lines in the recording booth at the NG office. What started out as a stupid gag, turned into a pretty big cast list and lots of dialog. We pulled an all nighter and got this done. Now, due to the heavy talking in this short, it took me quite a bit to finish.

But thanks to the help of Chris O'Neill and Zach Hadel it's finally done. And I'm glad it is. It's not much, but it was fun making it.

p.s. I'll coauthor everyone else who participated once they become my portal buddies


this is why we need to stop

like realy how the hell fuck rapes an alien this why i hate rapeist


With an all-star cast like this, I was expecting to shit my pants. But, no pants-shitting was done.
It was an okay flash, but I really expected more outta you guys.

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heh, hillybillies

Did that cow have a stewie head?

didnt like it much...

the hole story is based on the alien getting raped, thats it....and 1/3 of the hole flash animation is basically showing him getting raped...
im not giving it a bad rating because of the rape content (im not sensitive or whatever)...it just has a weak story...

ps: in case nobody else noticed, there is an easter egg...cow stewie at the begining of the flash...kinda cool actually...i liked your other flash, "family farm"

AlmightyHans responds:

wow... um. i don't think you watched the whole flash...

hump that alien hillbillybob

fuck that alien
up the ass

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4.33 / 5.00

Sep 8, 2010
7:05 PM EDT
Comedy - Original