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So on the last night of the 2010 Newgrounds Tank Awards me and chris O'Neill were doodling and I got this idea for some short cartoon to do while we were there and record the lines in the recording booth at the NG office. What started out as a stupid gag, turned into a pretty big cast list and lots of dialog. We pulled an all nighter and got this done. Now, due to the heavy talking in this short, it took me quite a bit to finish.

But thanks to the help of Chris O'Neill and Zach Hadel it's finally done. And I'm glad it is. It's not much, but it was fun making it.

p.s. I'll coauthor everyone else who participated once they become my portal buddies

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those aliens lol lmfao rofl lmco lmfo................................ also dont rape if you cant 'get some' fap


Well thta waqs certainly.......unique.

As a swede myself, I fucking love it when the swedish "expert" starts talking. His accent is absolutely perfect, something many movies and videos fail to capture correctly. Everything about him is just spot on, the looks, the accent, the things he fucking says. I wanna see more of that, whoever did that voice. Good job.

This describes every human on Earth ever.
No wonder this was made by Newgrounds legends and... wait a minute-TOM FULP HIMSELF???