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It is your first one

its pretty good needs a little tweaking around on some cases Its pretty good for your fist one . I think that this deserved a front page . such a sad ending though . keep up the good work

i agree with blackmanta

the voice acting was just pissing off because of the accent, and the story was extremely unplanned. The animation was crap, and the ideas were commonplace. Better luck next time. And get someone else to do ur voice acting.

very good

a trully touching story, but it would be better if the animation was done so it look more serious.but thats not really something i cant hold against it now is it.
good job

Missed the point

You guys missed the point in this. He was buying something for his sister's birthday. but he saved enough money for a rose too. He was buying it to put it on their graves. the blind truck driver thing was an over essentric way of saying it could have been avoided if the truck driver actually paid attention.

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Is this a joke video?

A blind, ukranian truck driver? Are you serious? You couldnt have just said a drunk driver or at least just say it was an accident?

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3.98 / 5.00

Sep 8, 2010
4:34 PM EDT