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Festival du Film de Saint Paul Trois Chateaux
International Film Festival "Festival of Festivals"
CinemadaMare - International Film Festival
Anonimul International Independent Film Festival
CARTOON CLUB - International Festival of Animation Cinema
International Festival of Multimedia Art «Multimatograf»


Very Touching

The story is simple, yet has a twist, and the ending non cliché.

I didn't know what to expect when first watching this, but it's definitely a beautiful piece of work.

Don't get why everyone is complaining about the accents and voice acting. Granted, there is room for improvement with the voice acting, but just because there is a foreign accent does not make the animation any less credible. I feel as if people want every animation to speak in perfect English or American accents. Even if there was no sound, but subtitles, the story would still be beautiful alone.

Just my feelings, really enjoyed this work of art.

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ok... its good and stuff... ya know tear in eye and stuff... But their accents... and specially the boy... reminds me of accent of my afghanistan's friend from school... (No offense to anyone though)


Ok, so the guy at the shop feels bad for the kid because he himself knows what it like to lose his sister. Then the kids sister also gets hit by a truck. Wtf the animation is awesome but thats def not front page material.

Bad Karma

the storyline was well made, just the image was a little low quality and the voice acting was kinda hard to understand, but I really like this, the poor boy, talk about bad karma.

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good but

the voice acting was not so good either the quality of the video but the animation is good and it has a good story

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3.98 / 5.00

Sep 8, 2010
4:34 PM EDT