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... for Sister

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International festivals participant:

Festival du Film de Saint Paul Trois Chateaux
International Film Festival "Festival of Festivals"
CinemadaMare - International Film Festival
Anonimul International Independent Film Festival
CARTOON CLUB - International Festival of Animation Cinema
International Festival of Multimedia Art «Multimatograf»

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The moral

LOOK AT THE MORAL BUT NOT THE GRAPHICS!!! And I will arrange the morals from the most seen to the deepest.
1st: Don't be one of those **cking stupid drivers.
2nd: Life can be easily ended.
3rd: Love people before it's too late.

Good lord...

The graphics really aren't that great...well, the drawings are excellent, maybe the resolution I should say. The story itself is absolutely heartbreaking, I felt like I wanted to cry at the end LOL. Very emotional piece, not sure what's up with the weird accent, but the english was totally clear enough to understand. The animation was good, could be a little better, but up to par I would say.

Overall the story absolutely makes up for the small flaws in resolution and animation. Very good, keep up the good work.

perfect mix

That was very deep. It had a message and was absolutely heartbreaking. It made me want to cry. It was very well made and made me think how lucky I am to still be alive. Life can end easily.. but I'm not going into deep things on a Newgrounds Review :P

10/10 , 5/5

really powerful

what an emotional animation. good job, it was very sad and well done.


ok so sad seeing 3 people die in that movie but it was still great