Halo 2 Episode 3

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**Sorry for the low rating. I never knew a bunch of asshats were going to 0 bomb this.**

This flash is a continuation of the Halo 2 flash series. Hopefully this will give you a break from all the sonic and mario flashes that's been flooding this site lately. Anyways, before you non-halo fans tell me there's no story, let me tell you what's going on:

Masterchief (Spartan 117 or John 117) is the only spartan on Reach. The covenant are trying to kill all spartans and destroy the planet Reach. He has to escape the planet alive along with his crew in order to live.

So yes, with that out of the way, please rate and review honestly. Thank you.

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Looks a bit rushed. Not 100% accurate
The graphics are good for a flash but it just looks choppy and thrown together

im only 0.1 sec. into tha vid and its so awesome LOL OMG :D


1. Halo 2 didn't have assualt rifles
2. halo 2 doesn't look like contra
3. halo 2 had ODSTs and there aren't any
4. hunters dont travel alone they travel in pairs
5. cheif crash landed in old mombasa not a forest
6. elites have sheilds therefore should be capable of killing marines very easily
7. banshees will take down a pelican with no problem if there are 3 of them
8. hunters dont die in one by a pistol in halo 2
9. cheif had mark VI MJONIR armor not mark V in halo 2
10. cheif wont leave a mission area until his mission is complete as a matter of fact no spartan will leave the mission area until thier mission is complete


It wasn't amazing, no preloader, the sprite animations were kind of rugged and the sounds were pretty low quality, but it wasn't that bad either.

Voted a 5 because people zero bombing your work just cause they don't like you is pretty damn pathetic.

It's better then most of the stuff on NG.

Looks Horrible.

Looks like you did this in 5 minutes. The Halo theme song isn't even very accurate, it sounds way different. And the graphics are so crappy they're basically nonexistant. You could have at least added some voice other then one line.

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1.19 / 5.00

Sep 8, 2010
2:19 AM EDT