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Willett and Persad

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If you don't enjoy this, you're doing anything else but.

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who is that

i like the opening with that pic and who is that guy he should not be picking up people but buses!!! 5/5 10/10

One of the Great Tragedies of Our Time!

This was most definitely my favourite film of all-time. I love how you made the characters so relateable. I absolutely adored how you used fags to represent ongoing conflicts around the world. The only thing that could have made this even better is if you had Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Eliopod responds:

Why thank you kind sir, I am also a big fan of your work! I will take all your kind advice, and consider it for the next installment of this epic saga. You might even find Carlton Banks in it!

An Epic

I dare shed a tear? this film has inspired me to be a cartoonist .Thank you for this master piece of a film...


Eliopod responds:

You sir, are an esteemed art critic for knowing how good this is. You see willet and persad were meant to represent the American/Iraq conflict going on in the middle east, and nick was supposed to represent how the US is molesting their culture. In the ass.

devilishly awsome

who ever this chap is he must be some kind of artistic genius. in conclusion...lolz

ps. ROFL

Eliopod responds:

artistic genius? why i wouldn't go that far... JUST KIDDING OF COURSE I WOULD ROFLAMOLOLOL.
BTW, I will be hosting the oscars later this year because of this and it would be nice of you to come.


now that was funny but if that is the best flash u can do u will need to improve on it befor u make any more.
so keep in mind when u make your next one but that was a good job so here is a 6

Eliopod responds:

thanks for the review, but instead of just telling me to do better, you could tell me what to improve on.