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Hello! It is my brand new game: Conveyor.

Your role is to transport boxes into bins using conveyor belts.
There are 24 levels, and you will see some awesome conveyor belts that are inexistent in the world as you clear these levels. This game is inspired my experience in a factory :-)

Left/Right = Change conveyor belt speed.
Down = Stop conveyor belt
Move mouse on the control bar. You can drag&drop the control bar anywhere.

Have fun!


Fairly easy, unlike what people say

For those that complain that it was all about luck and etc, etc. Level 16 wasnt THAT hard, just blast it off into the wall and then reverse the power quickly, simple. And for the one who didn't find the restart option... Grow a pair... of eyes, the little stop sign in the corner allows you to restart and etc.
Now... to the game :P It was an ordinary get the object to the targeted area, there's really not much new to do in that area and the levels where quite tricky at first, but when you got the hang of it, it became real easy, well done :)

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Pretty Good

Good game, a bit short though.

Levels had an interesting design to them and new twists were added to make things interesting. Over all pretty good. My one complaint is it was kind of short. Maybe add a few more features to the game and more levels next time. Maybe even a level editor.

And for those stuck on 16 it really isn't that difficult. Wait for a box to land before turning the conveyor belt and then immediately put it on full blast towards the LEFT wall. It should land on the lower conveyor belt which should be set to the first power towards the right before it lands. Though some shots may miss the majority of the shots should hit the conveyor belt dead on.

Not very good

In the later levels when the sets become more more complex, having to control the entire set in one direction all at the same speed is horrible. It completely ruined what would have otherwise been a fun game. Being able to control the direction and speed of each element individually would have made this SO much better.

Level 16 was absolute garbage for two reasons.
1) It was a matter of complete luck if you could get the box to "bounce" off of the left wall at the proper angle to get it to land on the lower conveyor. It had nothing to do with the level design itself, simply the fact that you're throwing square boxes. If it had been a round object, it would have been a non-issue, since it would be much more predictable in how it would bounce back.

2) Why exactly are we throwing boxes at walls with the hope of getting it to bounce off and land on another conveyor belt? "Your role is to transport boxes into bins using conveyor belts." Transport does not equate to "bounce this off a wall and hope it lands where you want it to. "This game is inspired my experience in a factory" I certainly hope this wasn't what you did in the factory.

Having no apparent way to reset the level before the timer ran out was terrible as well. Having to sit through 20-something seconds while I wait for the game to decide what I had already known at the start is just bad.

But the worst part was that there was literally no learning curve. You started players off with nice easy levels - relaxing, really - where the challenge was minimal, and then you threw them into sets like 16 and beyond where it came down to more luck than skill, and overall frustrating design. That was just disappointing.

I give you three stars for the earlier levels, since they were nice. Moderate challenge.

i like it^^

im stuck at level 16 too.
i know its possible because i already got 1 box done but i always run out of time...


Nice LOOKING game...I'll give you that, but it's boring as shit.

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3.57 / 5.00

Sep 7, 2010
8:17 PM EDT
Skill - Other