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Hello! It is my brand new game: Conveyor.

Your role is to transport boxes into bins using conveyor belts.
There are 24 levels, and you will see some awesome conveyor belts that are inexistent in the world as you clear these levels. This game is inspired my experience in a factory :-)

Left/Right = Change conveyor belt speed.
Down = Stop conveyor belt
Move mouse on the control bar. You can drag&drop the control bar anywhere.

Have fun!


Basic but OK

This game was a good concept but needs alot of work really. I think I would enjoy this game more if it were about crack.

Good...For your first,very good

I hate how people here say how it is a bad game.For you mighty critics,I will solve all your problems.

1.Bad physics

The physics are very good.Almost perfect I can say.

2.Boring gameplay

Almost all games of this type,I mean level based puzzles are this kind of boring.If you don't like it,don't play it.

3.Repetitive levels

Read point 2 and swap gameplay with levels

4.Wierd music

The music is great.Again,it fits perfectly with the urban surroundings of a factory.

5.Too easy

Retarded wanna-be critics like you always say dumb things like this.The difficulty is again,perfect.If it's too easy,it's a problem you get to the end of it to easy.
If it's too hard,it's a problem you can't get past a certain level.

Again,the game is great/awesome/cool/refreshing,any mode you can say if something is great.

Grayger,I thank you for standing out of the poor games pool with this game.

Also,Sunlis,I would like to see you doing a better game.

I gave it a 5,from 1-5.

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"Iffy" physics, weird music, boring gameplay, repetitive levels. Not really sure how this made front page, to be honest...


This game could use more improvement. I would just like to point out that if already not notived, that the levels get repatative after a while. Sure there's different sizes of belts, and other coloured boxes but still. More effort. But otherwise it was a great game, though I didn't quite get to finish all of it ;) . Here you go!

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yeah kinda easy and boring

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3.57 / 5.00

Sep 7, 2010
8:17 PM EDT
Skill - Other