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World of Glory

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The First Game ever to be released in the World of Glory series.
I no longer take any pride in this game. It is junk, but it brings back memories and starts off the series. So I'll keep it up here.


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it bad

cackletta responds:

This is indeed probably the worst thing I've ever created.... except maybe Mario Craft



One more lackluster platformer.

I would say there is nothing even remarkable about this game among other MS-paint quality platformers, but I have to ask why you thought this attack system was a good idea. Just give us two different attack buttons, you're being pointlessly obtuse thinking it makes your game "unique" instead of focusing your attention on things that actually take work, like unique level design or unique gameplay mechanics - just holding down a different series of buttons to use an ability we could have used with any other button is not a gameplay mechanic, it's just a stupid interface decision.

Your characters are crude stick figures. Your levels are just series of identical floating rectangles. Your animations are jerky single frames, for the things you even do animate. No death animations, injury animations, jumping animations. If you want your game to stand out you're going to need to put actual work into it, not imagine anyone, anywhere is actually impressed by "hold P to attack."


Hm... Well, the controls are weird in the first place and the attack/dash effects don't seem to be working. It's an interesting concept, but it's hard to enjoy it when you can't attack. :C