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Bored? Are moments of your life dripping by, one by one? Then give those moments some excitement by changing the humdrum into the SO FUN!

Use your boring everyday objects like erasers, mugs, combs, keys and much, much, MUCH more to create a landscape where thousands of balls can bounce around! Move a paper clip onto your desk, and aim to bounce balls into a syrofoam cup - that simple!

With 55 levels, 10 songs, a Time Attack mode, a Sky Ball mode, and more, it's a lot - And on top of that, there's over 150 items in the level editor and WAY more levels floating around in the community!

Not enough? Earn pinwheels in the levels, then spend them adding Balloons to a level you can share with the world with a simple link. Or sample one of the levels from the community! Endless content, endless joy, endless FUN!


Pretty Good

This is probably number 3 on my "Most Addicting Games" list,

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I really liked

the artwork and the music went well with game, but the gameplay got at little repetitive after awhile !

TonyDowney responds:

I'm not allowed to post links here... but if I could, I'd send you to a pinball level with teleporters. It's pretty crazy.

Great, but a bit too easy.

I like it, and I love the concept, though! I found a way to cheat that makes the game kindof pointless (but still addicting) being that you can just take an object, put it in the stream of balls, and after you place it just click and hold it and drag it all around back and fourth into the stream of balls. They go everywhere, but get colour and fall to the bottom of the screen and you win easily. I'd suggest making it necessary to get the balls into a cup or goal instead of making it a multiplier, since you finish the level just as fast without one. Otherwise, the problem is that it's too easy.
I was confused as to what I was doing and how I was supposed to add colour, because during the intro levels it would explain something to me and I would try to see what it meant but I would win too quickly and I found myself wandering around in the game finding things out much later.

Great game, but too easy. =P

Also, the art style didn't appease to me as much, and came off as a bit too chic. But that's just me. =P It's good art, nonetheless.

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TonyDowney responds:

Hmm... interesting! Thanks for the feedback... I might have just picked up a few ideas from you!


So it managed to kill some time and it was pretty fun

TonyDowney responds:

I had one user early on ask for more things to kill, like birds. Another one wanted a marine captain handing out infinite power-ups. To hear that it's fun and that the only thing you killed was time makes me happy.


I couldnĀ“t understand it.

TonyDowney responds:

I am therefore curious as to why it deserved a 7 in your opinion! Oh well, I will try my best to explain it.

We live in a boring world - a world of office jobs, doing dishes, sitting in traffic, waiting on the bus or train, or whatever. The moments in those environments go by SO SLOWLY. So we made an effort to brighten them up.

Using everyday objects in everyday environments, you can add some excitement to each moment of your life. If a week later you're sitting on a bus and you start imagining balls falling down, and it makes you life just a hint better, a hint happier, then we've done our job.

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3.43 / 5.00

Sep 7, 2010
6:09 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other