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Bored? Are moments of your life dripping by, one by one? Then give those moments some excitement by changing the humdrum into the SO FUN!

Use your boring everyday objects like erasers, mugs, combs, keys and much, much, MUCH more to create a landscape where thousands of balls can bounce around! Move a paper clip onto your desk, and aim to bounce balls into a syrofoam cup - that simple!

With 55 levels, 10 songs, a Time Attack mode, a Sky Ball mode, and more, it's a lot - And on top of that, there's over 150 items in the level editor and WAY more levels floating around in the community!

Not enough? Earn pinwheels in the levels, then spend them adding Balloons to a level you can share with the world with a simple link. Or sample one of the levels from the community! Endless content, endless joy, endless FUN!



This was an awesomely great game with nice bright graphics and all the rest.

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TonyDowney responds:

Winner for most Caps in a 10 outta 10 review - jarjojo408. I'm going have to give you a prize. Maybe a copy of Hot Tub Time Machine? Have you seen this stuff? It's WACKY.

Like it

I didnt hear the music bc my speakers r busted but i like the graphics and the game is good.... one reccommendation would be to lower score for going off the level because it makes it far too easy on most levels

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TonyDowney responds:

Maybe you're just too good at this game. I'll recommend it again - TIME ATTACK MODE. Woo!


It's not my style, but still a good game. Nice graphics, good music, lots of levels, but i ended up getting bored. Still, i can see where it would be a good game it it was your style, so im giving you a 5 out of 5. Good luck out there!

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TonyDowney responds:

We're actually hoping for *better* luck out there. Newgrounds has been great to us (as evidenced by your review), but they seem to be alone in their awesomeness! I have to convince these other portals how wicked we are!


I guess it's just not my kind of game. I was ammused for a couple levels, but lost intrest quickly. Graphics are cute, music is alright. But I got bored too fast. Although, I give you props for making a simple game involved. (55 levels, songs, modes, ect) Sooooo *Drum role please* 8*** ! =]

TonyDowney responds:

I'll have to send you a little something to peak your interest then - check your PM mailbox. hee hee hee


wasn't really feeling this. had no idea really what the goal is, the music was highly repetitive and annoying, just couldn't get into it.

TonyDowney responds:

Really? Huh - of the users who turn the music on to start, only 3.5% ever bother to turn it off. I guess you were one of them. Everyone else seems to like it (or at least tolerate it)

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3.43 / 5.00

Sep 7, 2010
6:09 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other