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Cacophony (action game)

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Cacophony is a steampunk game in which the player must defend Great Britain from the invasion of the Confederate States of America, with an emphasis on quick action and team-based combat.

Use the arrow keys to walk.
Press or hold Shift or Enter to fire your weapon

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The gameplay was actually pretty good. It had a good original feel to it. It was, unfortunately, really bad with the graphics. It's hard to believe this was so recent. It looks like it was made in 2002. It still isn't terrible. For some reason, this thing kept popping up telling me to go and do something with the shift key.

It kept appearing and annoyed me. I am sorry, but this was just a mediocre game. I at least appreciate how it's interesting to talk about the Civil War. It seemed more British at first, though. This was just alright.


this game is much better than i think it would be

shifting gears, spurs, and laser guns

steam punk....... oh yes


i like it :D
its good and origonal

Simply the best

Honestly, I can think of no ways to improve this. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and this goes to the top of my Flash games pile. Kevin Macleod's music is great! The game itself had a nice steampunk background, and there's nothing like killing a few Johnny Reb to remind me how much I like living in Brooklyn. The levels are the perfect length, and in fact if I could improve one thing is that I'd ask for more levels, the 7 or 8 you had went by very quickly. I'd also like to see health meters on the bad guys-- that's just something I personally like. And a 'percent completed' meter on the turret being fixed. Perhaps add these to the easy difficulty. Still, it's fine just as it is. Excellent game! 10/10.