Dynamic Systems 2

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Let's begin 5 Points

Finish level 1

Master the hammer 10 Points

Pass level 6

Catch the stars 25 Points

Pass level 16

Use the gear 25 Points

Pass level 11

Balloons! 50 Points

Pass level 22 using balloons!

Rube Goldberg Master 100 Points

Finish the game

Author Comments

Inspired by Rube Goldberg Machines, the game poses you with intricate puzzles and challenges. Place the objects and get the ball to the end!
Based on your feedbacks I added many improvements to this sequel of the popular Dynamic Systems:
1) Fast forward button.
2) More objects to build levels.
3) Custom levels made by other users.
4) A better understandable interface.
5) Objects easy to move and to pick.

Since we are saving user-generated levels in databases which allow other players to play and rate them, which in turn will allow us to select the very best levels for a later Dynamic Systems 2 Levels Pack, only when creating a level or loading a custom user made level you will be redirected on FunFlow server.



it was a cool game but you can chose any level from the begining

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It was ok.

I like it for the first 10-20 min, but then the dullness and boring music got to me. I really think the music does not match this game. There was too much gray........

this isnt bad at all

but i was playing dynamic systems yesterday and i was kind of shocked because the first one has better physics and it was a much smoother fit when rotating peices. this one has new pieces in it but i would like to see them with the same physics as the first


@Ttom, you have never heard of Rube Goldberg...what rock do you live under?

The instructions could be better, like clearly instructing people to drag everything as well as the rotation.

The game was kind of meh as the puzzles were vague enough to make me not want to care.

needs some work

i like the game and the idea but a lot of the levels work and a lot of them fail half the time even when set up right i like ropes wont break when they are suppose to and the problems on your half because its suppose to break at the begging of the level.though this is only one example of many. also some are ridiculously hard to figure out and as i stated earlier when set up perfectly they fail. but ill give you one for the concept. also music drives you crazy after a while. also no retry or restart time just keeps going like i get the idea that it could get abused for time scores and such but come on.

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Credits & Info

3.89 / 5.00

Sep 7, 2010
9:00 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other