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Pacman returns on a whole new level.
Eat.. but don't get eaten. That's the new rule.
There's always a bigger Pacman.


good idea

i think this game is good! nice idea you had there. i like the style in baclk and white too and how fast it is. maybe you could have put the ghosts in there (maybe another mode) and then the power pellets to eat them to get extra points. keep up the good work dude ;)

Liked it!

I like the way you turned the original game into a new one. (And I prefer this one xD) But its a nice game. The little pacmen that you need to catch get awfully hard to catch after a while. They get too quick!! I guess thats normal, since you gradually go faster...

Good game

The graphics were really good, the concept of escaping from a bigger pacman was good, though maybe ghosts would have fit the pacman theme a bit more xD along with eating those blue ghosts when they're vulnerable. The music went really well, and I noticed it got gradually harder. Music was awesome!

Only thing I would add is maybe items of some sort, I didn't seem to come across any of them. Nothing big, thought it was a nice game to play. . (Voted to save)

Anwar Louis ^_^

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Awesome Concept.

I loved the game and the concept is awesome.

Good work.

Very Original! Well Executed

I commend you on this game. It's very entertaining. Having to race away from Giant Pacman is a great idea. Good idea for the increasing boost bar.

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3.45 / 5.00

Sep 7, 2010
6:08 AM EDT
Skill - Collect