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Bros Before Hos: Musical

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Author Comments

I was inspired to make this animated version of "Bro's before Ho's: The Musical" which was originally uploaded on youtube by theoutsidejoke. I asked permission to the owner that I will use the song and so I was allowed.

It's my first time to upload flash here on newgrounds and this is my first official animation ever.
If, ever, there are criticisms, please make it edifying. Thank you. Enjoy!

PS. Go to TheOutsideJoke's youtube channel, they have alot of different funny videos and songs! Just click their logo at the end of the video!
There's no replay button because I don't know how to make one on actionscript 3.0. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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okay so this is funny! funny as hell... but there are some things im confused about... like why does the art style change all the time? and why is the sound quality when they talk so bad? next time find a room with out echo. but at the end... great animating. great concept, and great idea... 8/10 bravo!

ChomPet responds:

1. I just like it that way.

2. I didn't make all the background sound even the song. It was theoutsidejoke who made it. Check it: www.youtube.com/theoutsidejoke


this is funny as hell,i like the walking animation of the chick made me laugh and the ending is good as well :3.


Very entertaining and funny. Keep it up.

Ohh man

This song is fuc king funny, and this flas is pretty enjoiable too, animation needs to improve but humor is pretty good, niece work 5/5

ChomPet responds:

Thank you! I know the animation is crappy and I still need to learn more about flash but the more I make animations, the more I learn new things! And I'm really happy about the new things I learn and excited to apply it!


We all got friends like these two at some point in our life. The animation wasn't all too great, but it was overall good for a first submission.

ChomPet responds:

Yeah the animation isn't great. I wish I have a tablet. Right now I'm just using my laptop's touch pad. D:

Credits & Info

4.77 / 5.00

Sep 6, 2010
11:39 PM EDT
Music Video