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Final Destination 0.7

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This is a parody of Final Destination series, voiced and colored and translated in 2D! It's a sequel to my first FD parody.


Lol what?

Fake and gay; trains don't exist.
Na but aye, nice flash :P And the 'lol what?' is for the random train crashes :P

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This flash starts off with ridiculously long opening credits, and while you try to make it as interesting as possible, i don't see anything special with it.

As for the animation goes, the mouth movements were all pretty much the same and the 2-d aspect bugged the CRAP out of me, while it is original, it was pretty damn annoying. all the charecters basically looked the same, body type wise. The walking was irritating, it looks as if you just made a tween. On top of all of this, you didnt even color in the skin type, which also, was very annoying.

While i do work with mike, (the main guys voice) the entire voice acting crew were completely dull and they did'nt have enough charecter to it. Especially the girls, it was EXTREMELY annoying and while you were going for a paris hilton kind of actress, it was basically just flat out bad. Please work on exactly how much expression they actually show because, maybe if the script made me smile, the way the actors who were delivering it, didn't.

Plot wise it was very strange, train breaking, dreams, it didnt strike me as a comedy, more as one of those films your confused about almost the whole way through. It barely related to final destination, and i did not think many people would be that interested in it to watch the WHOLE WAY through

Overall, I hope you improve with voice actors, background BIG TIME, walking animation, some god forsaken 3-d art, and script developing.

lol and awsome music

Hey buddy you did a very nice job on this. A long intro title but I loved the music that went with it. Also enjoyed the backmusic as the animation went along.
The voice acting was nice and clear and expressive. the humor was pretty good. Perhaps abit of screaming and groaning from pain would have given it abit more of an edge when characters got killed. Your illustrations like the train and buildings was excirlent. Nice, clean and clear so well done buddy.
favorite line, you stopped him to death lol.

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hey did you se a train coming

haahahahahahahahahahahahah god damit that was funy

great parody

it was long but i thought it was worth it. good homage to the movies too, i laughed when he said "aaah main titles dream".

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Sep 6, 2010
1:21 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody