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bad music situations

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Author Comments

this is my first flash.
dont hate it
i know im a noob at flash
plase give a noob some advise to help him out



this is great... short but great.do you know where i can get or make flashes???


For your first flash, this was a good choice. Short, sweet and an easy target. I mean ALL the cool kids hate Justin Bieber.

I completely understand how hard it is to draw in flash, so your lack of original style in your first is completely warranted. But, next time, dude, make it POP. ;3 I have to agree with a couple of other reviews saying that it went a little too slowly, but I have to disagree and say that I was on track with what was happening the entire time.

And while I am NOT one to be talking about originality, you might want to get off the mainstream bandwagon of celeb-hate flashes. They're quite common.

Overall, for a first time flash, this was quite impressive. I look forward to seeing more from you. X3


way to go pal, theres a new world ahead and you stepped in with the right foot.

of course theres graphic issues but worked for me, besides that its the idea development: most ppl will understand why the guy is bleeding, but for the sake of your movie and the other amount of ppl you should make you point clearer. you can follow the anime example where all the actions are explained no matter how obvious they are: "whats his power level vegeta"?


You wanted advise you get some.

Try to improve your style a bit. OR you could change your style.

Try to make your flash a little faster.(I with that I mean that every ''picture'' took to long to be interesting (example. try to let the guy look at the computer for only 1 sec. Its more that enough for people to understand.))
Tip. study flash from happy harry he uses fast ''pictures'' but still you can see everything on it before it moves on to the next pic.

ALWAYS BE ORIGINAL. (this was original. It only needs some inprovements.)

and finally:
Try to make a interesting background (or not, just something is enough, like a striped wall with a painting on it (use your imagination
(imagination is endless, your not)

For a first flash you did well but if you practise some more and you do that again and again and again you could just end up like a famous flah artist (Its a long way to go buddy, but eventually you'll find your true artist in yourself. I'm sure you will)

5/5 I was the last vote needed for this to be protected (I just want you to make more and experiment so you'll eventually reach the top) Make everyone proud and keep on drawing.

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stuff i liked:
your animation seemed very good for a first timer and the sound wasn't that bad either, so the artsy part of the animation was not that bad.

stuff that could have been better:
the writing was not that phenomenal. yeah, a lot of people think jb's music sucks (including me, so this is not hate), but making a flash entirely to point that out seems unoriginal and like you went for the low hanging fruit there.

great first animation (even for a noob)

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Credits & Info

1.88 / 5.00

Sep 6, 2010
12:06 PM EDT
Comedy - Original