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The blade!

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Author Comments

Here's the enhanced YouTube version: http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=tk3icLa0dKo

So... I'm pretty sure some will get very disappointed with the way the story goes on this flash, well, this is the only way I can tell this story.

This flash is a remake, since I'm practicing hard to get better and don't want to start my big projects while I'm not good enough, I decided to remake one of my old animations with a little more effort. It's not perfect, and I'm doing it more for practice since I don't care about it too much. It is the best I can do with my current equipment and capacity, I didn't killed myself doing it, since I consider not worth it while I have a lame tablet (Genius GPen). I could have done a lot more, specially if I could do more frame by frame stuff, but it is impossible with my current equipment. Also, I had to delete a lot of scenes that didn't worked out in the end, so this flash took me 2 months. I think it's an ok timing since I have to work the whole day (And play videogames).

For me, this animation is on a level that, if coupled with a very good script, don't need to be any better... Well, the very good script is missing on this one, but I assure that I have some amazing stuff on the works, not that you care, but maybe one day you will. =)

Also, due to terrible noobiness, I used blurs on giant symbols, so the animation lags like hell, to fix that try zooming your browser out (Click on an empty space within the browser and then control+mouse scroll down).

That said, if you actually read it all, I want to ask you if you find any english errors, please tell me so I can fix it.
I'm already working on my next animation, see you soon.

Thank you all.

Edit: Daily 4th :D
Thank you all!

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haha that end scene was hillarious, I have one thing left, not his faith but a chainsaw lol and he went on a crazy killing spree. Too bad he may get life in prison or maybe even the death sentence lol. I would have just played a few pranks on all he people that he didnt like but I he did confess before he did it so I guess it was the priests fault for not getting him hel p:)

Holy Shit!

I sure wasn't expecting that O___O
what a slap to the face xD

Steinberg responds:

Thanks for the review!

Loved It!

I think your animation style is cool and unique, on top of that you like a good twist ending. If this is what you can do when you don't care too much and have poor equipment, then I'd like to see what you can do when you're serious and with better gear! Good luck in the future.

Steinberg responds:

Thanks. =)

Nice but...

... so freakin' slow, even when I zoomed out.

That's really sad, I guess many NGers simply left 'cause of that, or, even worse, get bored to fast and gave your submisson a low score.
Your animation style, as well as the storytelling, is above the average if you ask me. I'll keep an eye on your next projects, Steinberg!

Steinberg responds:

Haha, yes, I kinda realized that, but didn't want to cut or change anything else, ended up regreting it, but, my next submissions will be less boring. I'll keep them coming. Thanks

Not bad, but...

...it's so friggin' slow as to be almost obnoxious. At least the first part. Don't get me wrong - it's a good toon, the technical skill is quite good. It's easy to go overboard when trying to make something tragic & melodramatic. You did on this one, though just a little, not too terribly much.To make the pace more tolerable, thore should be more going on in the animation for the viewer to focus on. Even just leaves blowing in the wind or sounds in the background of things incidental in the environment of the story.

Still, overall, great job! :-) Looking forward to more. :-)

Steinberg responds:

Thanks, good review, I agree with you. =)
More will be coming soon.