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This is a game that I created using Stencyl. The game was mostly made within 3 days, though I made the graphics and the music beforehand. The levels are randomly generated, and the game gets progressively faster (and harder) over 10 levels (the last one is a real challenge!). The main game is presented in a 3x3 resolution... scaled up so you can play the game without having to be the size of a pixel to see what's going on... it's actually 96x96, and it's scaled up another 4 times so you can enjoy the game without having to downsize your screen resolutions.

The storyline: You are a magenta pixel who wants to be in a graphic for a game... well, any game if possible. However, there are lots and lots of pixels these days with different "styles" of magenta... and so far, you haven't had any luck. To make matters worse, there are red pixels trying to eliminate you, so they don't have competition when there's a graphic looking for a particular pixel!

The game is very simple. It is divided into two segments: avoiding other pixels and defeating a "boss" pixel. The main difference between the two is that you can move around from the left side of the screen during a boss battle... and you attack the boss from below! When you're avoiding other pixels (and you don't get to control when you move), you have two choices: jump over the pixel using the Z key (This will work if the pixel next to you is black), or eliminate a pixel using the X key (This works on red pixels, which disappear if they're next to you. This is also used for the bosses to eliminate them from above... not to mention the boss can attack you from above, so this is your defense! On black pixels, this just simply pushes them... and you can't push them into enemies or another black pixel!).

The reason why the game is in such a low resolution is because I didn't want to make a fancy game with fancy graphics... not to mention I'm not exactly the best with graphics at higher resolutions. I can make music, though, and I've got a grand total of 8 musical tracks here, all made with Schism Tracker.

V 1.0 (9/5/10) ~ Original version.
V 1.1 (9/6/10) ~ Replaced old how to play with real time how to play. You can still see the old ones by pressing X at the title screen... it's no longer mentioned on the Title Screen.
V 1.2 (10/29/11) ~ Fixed a serious bug that resulted in the boss dying instantly for Windows users running Flash 11 (this was where the bug occurred).


love the music :D

Makes it to 10th level: TOO FAST!!! Starts button mashing and it actually works!!! Fun all the same!

Most minimalist game that I ever seen. 3x3, literally.

its okay its just that it seems a bit repettive especialy during the tutorial

Not bad.

It's pretty creative and actually kind of fun, but it did take me a minute or two at the start before I realized what I was supposed to do. And the game is way too easy... well... for the first 9 levels, then for the last level, everything gets... really hard. Also, I thought the music got kind of repetitive after awhile.

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2.76 / 5.00

Sep 5, 2010
10:37 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop