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CoolJaw: Dreaming Darkly

rated 4.08 / 5 stars
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Sep 5, 2010 | 12:22 AM EDT
  • Review Crew Pick September 8, 2010
  • Daily 2nd Place September 6, 2010

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Author Comments

Update| 2012| June 18|
Previous music replaced with royalty free tracks, new animated intro, retrospective document, and minor spelling errors fixed!


After nearly a year in the making, it's finally complete...

Colin S Jaw is a man shifting in and out of a dream...
Missing teeth, and with only a little time left to live, he embarks on a journey to
discover the origins of a mysterious pair of "sharps" he was sent upon waking from a coma.

A journey somehow intertwined with two detectives, and a string of extremely violent and disturbing crimes, a man slowly mutilating himself, and a series of esoteric dreams that are all pieces of a horrifying puzzle.

In this tale of a man darkly dreaming...

Main Features:
- A animated intro, exclusive to this cut.
- Remastered versions of all 14 prior comics,
and the premier of the conclusion to the series.

- Photo Gallery.
- New Interface.
- Spec Page.

- Celx

P.S. Add me to your favorite authors list if you want a P.M. when I release other stuff!
And it would be grand if you could recommend this for the noir section!



Rated 5 / 5 stars

I am at a loss for words....

This was just simply amazing. I mean all other horror movies/books I've experienced had simply horrible endings where the main character dies undramaticaly in the final seconds of suspense but this was not one of those instances. The story and artwork combined with this music was just simply phenomenal. Keep it up and I hope to see this as a movie in the near future.

PS. Even the title "Dreaming Darkly" was just a stroke of genius and the perfect title of what could be the greatest horror movie of all time.

Celx-Requin responds:

Oh the comic actually has a bunch of hidden meanings and easter eggs hidden thought it.

Take a look at what the framed pictures in Maliks apartment are, and in the third chapter of the last act look at the background closely and you'll see someone watching Colin Darkly...

Anyway thanks for the review!
- Celx


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Breath taking!

This has to be the greatest horror/graphic novel/flash video i've ever seen. The amount of planning that went into this definatly proves your skills as both an atrist and a story teller. Throughout the entire thing, I was captivated. From the beginning to the end, I couldn't think of anything but what I thought might happen next. The only thing that was able to sepperate me from the screne was when i had to go eat something 'cause my blood sugar started to drop. You have definatly earned some serious kudos. The detail was superb and captured the overall feel of the story, the plot was flawless and the music set the mood, prepairing you for something you knew was going to be horrifying, but you diddn't care. You knew this was something you had to see through all the way to the end. Definatly worth every second.

Keep up the good work. Artists like you are a shining light in a world of mediocrety and indifference. This may very wellbe a brand new genre of storytelling. I can honestly say I have never seen something like it. This was truelly unique in avery aspect of the word. I can't see anyone topping this for a long time to come.

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Celx-Requin responds:

Aww man this review is awesome,
it's such an ego stroke, I love it.

I hope you'll check in to see the new stuff I have coming out!
Thanks man!
- Celx


Rated 5 / 5 stars


oh my god this was so awesome! i agree with durago.

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Celx-Requin responds:

- Celx


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Good God, sir...

Beautiful, yet tragic. Elegant, yet haunting. I'm truly at a loss for words. Of all of the things I have had the pleasure of viewing on this site, this is probably the most complex work of art ever. I didn't think something so dramatic, so horrifying, so heartbreaking could be so... beautiful. This is an instant favorite in my book, VERY well done.

Celx-Requin responds:


Thanks alot man, I really appreciate the comments.
And of course if you like my stuff add me to your favorite authors list if you would like to receive notifications when I release new submissions.

Thanks again!
- Celx


Rated 5 / 5 stars


I can only repeat what's been said
Your comic and drawings are filled with dread
I love the work you've put into this story
Kudos to you and your tale

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Celx-Requin responds:

Hey thanks a lot lady!

I took a look at your profile and saw you're a bit of an artist yourself,
if your looking to do it professionally it might not be a bad idea to send in a mini comic to "the beguiling" comic book shop, along with a letter asking them if they would carry your work.

Conspiracy books is good too...
Yeah those are the only comic book shops I know of that are friendly to indie artists.

- Celx