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Megaman Black

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This is the first episode of my new series, about Megaman history.
Sorry for the bad english.

I'm looking for people who can help me with the spanish-english translations.

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Nice job, I'm impressed.

You've managed to capture Megaman very hard however, you used the concept of SMBZ, the whole lot of camera shakes were good so you captured SMBZ very well... if you keep up with this, you may be working on SMBZ!

Good luck for Megaman Black 3


I gotta admit. Those were some great effects. Considering how many custom sprites I saw, and the amount of special effects... you must have been planning this a long time. I liked how everything began, and I don't usually like when all the action starts at the beginning with no story developement, but you made it work. just out of curiosity, why did everyone forget about Bass? Is he that hated? Joking. I do look forward to your future works.

jutopa responds:

bass choose his own way, nobody cares about him.


i just want to suggest something:
put more BGM, the movie feels kinda empty, but everything else was ok
i don't mind in the grammar


This is great!

Overall, an enjoyable movie

First of all, I agree with some of the things mentioned in previous reviews. The grammar is sufficient to tell the story, but it could stand to be polished by a native English speaker. The punctuation needs to be anglicized as well; English speaking countries don't use inverted punctuation at the beginning of a sentence. It would also help the flow of the movie to remove the space bar as a trigger to advance the story. Just have it advance automatically. The music selection was outstanding, which made the periods of silence seem quite incongruous by comparison. I suggest filling in the silence with a passive music clip, ilke maybe a simple drum beat in the background during dialogue.

Now that all that is out of the way, I have to say I enjoyed this movie. The introduction included bits and pieces from multiple Mega Man series', such as the 8-bit X series sprites along with the 8-bit original series sprites, 8-bit remixes of Battle Network music, and so on. Although a bit confusing at first, it did grow on me. Also of note, this wasn't what I'd call a "pure" sprite movie. It told the story through use of sprites, but included non-sprite effects (such as stretching and squashing a sprite to simulate an out-of-breath Mega Man). I personally prefer the sprite itself to be animated (by way of editing the sprite frame by frame) to produce these effects, instead of drawing the effects in over the sprite. But that's just personal preference, so I won't hold it against you.

The bottom line is simple: I look forward to the continuation of this story, and I will watch it if and when you publish it. I'd say that makes this project a success on your part. Nicely done!