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Our Thinning Ozone Layers

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Sep 3, 2010 | 2:57 PM EDT

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Is about a girl who is standing under a tree shade, she is belwired of why the other living things are getting burned, it was actually our ozone that causes global waning, the people are to busy or materialism to notice that they are burning. So, are we too late to realize it?



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The dangers of radiation

The animation was alright pretty good style. Burning by flames is an okay representation of radiation burns, reminds me of nuclear weapons tho. I felt like the animation could have been had a little something more and maybe a preloaded.

To the idiots below me: ozone layer thinning is not the same thing as global warming. Get an education before you start pretending you know what you are talking about. It is unreasonable to believe mankind's actions have no consequences.
Don't rate 0 because you hate the idea that mankind can have an impact on the world.This is only an idea show respect and don't get needlessly offended.
Other 0 down there sure the ozone layer is not deteriorating as fast.But it still is because chlorofluorocarbons are not the only thing that deteriorate the ozone layer. For example car emissions also catalyze deterioration of the ozone layer.


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Facts and fiction.

I beIieve in gIobaI warming, it's fact. PeopIe causing it however, isn't.
At the end of the 17th centhury on the isIand of Mauricius, the dodo's were extinct, recentIy was discovered this was due to an unexpected change in the gIobaI cIimate, it got hotter, over the centhuries there are peaks and Iows of of temperature, and there is no actuaI proof that we're causing it. and the report on gIobaI warming? every month there are wrong facts, Iike the himiIaya's meIting in 30 years, which are 300, or the antarctic ice meIting, when it was anaIyzed wrong.

BasicaIIy, you're teIIing a theory which is doubted more by the day as fact.
This annoys me, therefor i wiII give you a 0/5 0/10

You couId've improved the fIash by having facts in it.


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I'd rather

Speak of the hypocrisy of the ecologists getting tons of money from naive people and spending them as they will.
And *actually* promoting some real research in that area, as *none* really proved the green house effect has any correlation with the works of the man.
For more information, see the Climate Gate scandal.


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Last time I went to school (June) I believe the ozone layer is no longer thinning because we stopped using chloroflorocarbons (it's real look it up). People used to use it for spray cans and stuff. Unless of course you believe in any of that Al Gore crap.


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There is an artistic element...

There is indeed an artistic element to the clip. And it's well done. But we've all had the message of the movie shoved down our throats enough times already that we don't really need global warming propaganda out here, too.

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