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Hey Guys !

This is our brand new game : Gunbot !
Shoot a lot of stuff and get stronger by getting more guns, shields and skills ! Simple isn't it ?

Enjoy !

- Berzerk Crew


Great Game

This is a well programmed and designed game. However, there are two problems I see with it right off the bat.
1) You've programmed it so that the Human can't shoot through walls but the CPU can. That's fine and it isn't the only game that does that but, if you run up against a wall and the gun is in the wall you're able to shoot through. But that really isn't that big of a deal just a little something.
2) The final world levels that end in boss battles should have a shortened level leading up to the actual boss. With challenging boss battles like the ones in this game it can be maddening to get though the level and only have one health bar left to face the final enemy.
Other than that this is a very well made game, kudos.

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Pretty Cool

My only beef is that sometimes the control gets a bit odd to get around, a few times the gunbot wouldn't shoot but had ammo, then again it may be the mouse pad.

I have none else to list, but I just started playing.


it was good but the visual gameplay was kinda... bad. This game has alot of potential but it needs some major improvments, like.... Better style play, a better looking and more user friendly options board, a skill tree (like an MMO). Then just an FYI, trying to make a profit off a game makes less people want to play it, and decreses the games look and operation... im just saying. But overall not too good, but can be greatly inproved.


Great run and gun game, no doubt of the the quality I've come to expect from berzerk games.

Graphics and sound were great, the story was amusing, if for nothing more than it's silliness, and the enemies were challenging, if not overly so. (the rocket launchers and flying bugs were the biggest problems I had). The upgrade system was well-done, I though, and you gained money fast enough to have fun, while not breaking the game.

The downside, and I think it may be personal, is that the second shotgun you get, the raptor, is basically the best weapon you can get hold of for two or three weapons tiers. Also, the premium content is kind of irritating- I understand why it's there, and facebook integration seems to be the cool thing to do, but still, it seems kind of like it detracts from the game.

anyway, overall, I think the game rates a solid 9/10 and 5/5. keep it up guys!

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Almost there

This game is incredibly fun, something I could probably play for hours on end. However, there is one problem I simply could not get past.

As "Code0207" already stated, it is way to easy to die in this game. I mean level 1-4 as hard enough. I am fully aware that I could eventually get past it if I put my mind to it but I lost nearly all morale when I had to restart the fifth time in a row. You swarm me with enemies and I am not allowed to get hit over two times, but if that did not make matters bad enough, the fact that you have to restart the entire level after dying made the entire experience less then enjoyable.

I gave you the rating I did because all in all, this is still an amazingly fun game to play, but, I would really wish you either made the main character's life longer or put in a checkpoit or two.

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4.31 / 5.00

Sep 3, 2010
9:41 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun