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Hey Guys !

This is our brand new game : Gunbot !
Shoot a lot of stuff and get stronger by getting more guns, shields and skills ! Simple isn't it ?

Enjoy !

- Berzerk Crew


Awesome game!

There were a few disappointments, especially when I bought a new gun and found I managed better with the previous one... In particular the rebound ones almost never hit anything indirectly for me. Could be nice to try out those guns before buying them, or maybe switching between them or between two selected ones.
Otherwise, I liked it that you could invest your earnings into guns or shields, the special skills were also nice but I got to maximal level pretty quickly. Enemies were well varied and challenging.
I myself would have liked a decent storyline better, although its meaninglessness did make it funny :) Overall, excellent!

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wish there were more this well done

please make another one of these games. if at all possible, i'd be willing to pay for a full version with more content and levels. upgrades, etc. definately a title worth launching on the ps3 or xbox store.. keep up the excellent work, still working on unlocking everything in this game. 10 all the way.

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Very promising

I gave it an 8 because there were a few things I think could've been much better. Firstly, aesthetically, it was great looking but I think the levels could've used a bit more oomph in terms of looks and design.
Secondly, it would've been cool to unlock different hats and coats and whatnot. That didn't count for my rating though.
Third and fourthly, as they go together and are the biggies, the upgrade system could've used some work and the difficulty scaled a bit more with the guns. Now, what I mean about the upgrades is that you only have to buy a few things to unlock everything. It could work to the game's advantage to either let the player find upgrades along the way or work up through the guns and shields as you level. Which ties into the difficulty and scaling it according to level and weapons. Although, the way you did it was understandable. Maybe add 5 worlds next time?
Also, again, weapons, I think categorizing the weapons and evening out the power levels in each category would be pretty cool. Also, more variety of guns.
Lastly, more variety in music. Just a couple of more songs unless you guys would be up for individual level songs.

Great game overall, I definitely hope it has a sequel. You guys are one of my favorite developers around here.

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Really Great

REALLY anjoyed this game. Great controls they werent to complicated. It wasnt too hard or to easy it was PERFECT :DDD The best platform shooter ive played by far.

And i LOVEDD the music does anyone know where i can find that? Thanks :)

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Great time

I had a great time playing this. The controls, weapons, shields ect, worked out. If the challenge level is too high then you can replay previous levels, or keep collecting cash trying to beat the current level until you can buy stronger shields or better guns to level the playing field to your skill level.
The graphics were up to par with the style of game it is. The variety of enemies was nice.
My largest and only complaint was lag. I doubt it was my machine and I have a very fast internet connection but when too much was going on the game would lag. Bits and pieces of this aren't a big deal but collectively over time I think about how much of my time spent playing it, is waiting through the lag.
In my experience, the game had some levels that were harder than others, not necessarily in progressive order. Then the last level was notably harder than all the previous ones.
I liked it, had fun and look forward to the sequel.

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4.31 / 5.00

Sep 3, 2010
9:41 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun