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Default Controls:
Arrows: Move
A: Shoot
S: Jump
Q: Pause/Weapon Select Screen

Update 6: Fixed the control swap chargeshot glitch. Pending approval, yada yada yada.
Update 5: New swf has been approved, but you can still visit my site of you want to.
Update 4: Added Charge Shot for Mega Man, and Power Kick for Tank Man. While it's pending approval on NG, you can play the newest version on my site at mcsmstudios dot com.
Update 3: Fixed the pausing when entering the boss room glitch. The fix is pending administrator approval. Should show up soon enough. Still working on Charge Shot for Mega Man and Power Slide for Captain.
Update 2: Front Page! Wooh, better late than never! Thanks to whoever did it. I like to think it's Tom.
Update: Added easy mode, and a button to swap the shoot and jump controls.

Tip: If the boulder section lags or you lose control, try closing any unused tabs or programs that might tax your processor, etc.

A cool little one stage game starring the Captain from Tankmen. Worked my ass off on this for the past 2-3 weeks. I hope it was worth the effort. I did most of the art myself, excluding Mega Man, some powerups, and Rush, as well as a hidden cameo from everyone's favourite plumber. Was going submit this on Pico Day, but I don't want to wait 7 months. I even got to put "Still Blastin'" in an actual Mega Man related submission.

Let me know if I missed any bugs. And please provide details.


A decently fun idea.

As a player of Megaman games, I like the nuance of your Tankman game here, for the most part. Comprehensive (and familiar) play, decent power-ups and such, and the amusement of using a Tankman in combat. There is a thing, though that was something of an issue with me in particular. My fingers wanted to reverse the jump and shoot buttons (which can be deadly in a game like this) and there is no way to change the configuration at all. I don't think you can actually call that a bug, but if you're still updating this game, then I could call this a 'control configuration request'. Other than that, you're good.

Lambtaco responds:

It's funny, it's easier for me to program a way to switch the buttons than to actually modify the menu to incorporate that option. Maybe I'll change it later, but for now, since noone's playing it, I'll leave it as is. Thanks for the praise.


but how do i get back to the mainmenu?


Great game has the same feeling the original megaman games had. Although there was one glitch were I was shot and I was supposed to die but my character continued moving in place. I couldn't shoot, jump, or pause the game. Looking forward to a second level!

Lambtaco responds:

Okey dokey. Can you tell me what shot you? And did it still make the noise like when you die? Pm me, please.

Pretty good

Seriously, finish this for Pico day, having a myriad of robot masters based on NGs would be awesome .

Lambtaco responds:

I've got a lot on my plate right now, but maybe I could do it for Pico Day 2012. Dman, that's a long way away.


all the megaman style with our ng mascot! please make a second one with the boss tom fulp!

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3.88 / 5.00

Sep 3, 2010
6:28 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun