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Default Controls:
Arrows: Move
A: Shoot
S: Jump
Q: Pause/Weapon Select Screen

Update 6: Fixed the control swap chargeshot glitch. Pending approval, yada yada yada.
Update 5: New swf has been approved, but you can still visit my site of you want to.
Update 4: Added Charge Shot for Mega Man, and Power Kick for Tank Man. While it's pending approval on NG, you can play the newest version on my site at mcsmstudios dot com.
Update 3: Fixed the pausing when entering the boss room glitch. The fix is pending administrator approval. Should show up soon enough. Still working on Charge Shot for Mega Man and Power Slide for Captain.
Update 2: Front Page! Wooh, better late than never! Thanks to whoever did it. I like to think it's Tom.
Update: Added easy mode, and a button to swap the shoot and jump controls.

Tip: If the boulder section lags or you lose control, try closing any unused tabs or programs that might tax your processor, etc.

A cool little one stage game starring the Captain from Tankmen. Worked my ass off on this for the past 2-3 weeks. I hope it was worth the effort. I did most of the art myself, excluding Mega Man, some powerups, and Rush, as well as a hidden cameo from everyone's favourite plumber. Was going submit this on Pico Day, but I don't want to wait 7 months. I even got to put "Still Blastin'" in an actual Mega Man related submission.

Let me know if I missed any bugs. And please provide details.



Very accurate to the old megaman games, my complaints are that it's way too short and I don't like the controls, I'm not sure what it is but using A shoot and S to jump just doesn't feel right, having Q open the weapons menu is a bit strange too.

Overall no outstanding flaws other than it's really short which is not uncommon for flash games, I would like to see more flash games like this it's good to have a place where the gameplay of the classics can live on.

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:D awsome game

i like it i am a huge megaman fan fav chrectar is zero :D lol well bye

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Love It man

sweeeeeeet! XD 10/10 5/5 ALL MY STARS BELONG TO U lol

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Bad Ass

But it begs for a sequel (and the sequel has 8 stages like a megaman game) Oh and you unlock Mario by beating normal then u get a code.

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Cool game

Liked the game but managed to glitch it. In one room in the second stage, the blue stage, in the room with 2 snakes on top, a bulldozer in the middle and one regular shooting enemy on the bottom. The bulldozer chased me to the left so I went down a level, then I couldnt get up to the third level any more without being hit since the bulldozer was blocking the ladder, when I did go up and took a hit I died and the game didn't give me the option to continue or quit or anything it just left me there unable to move

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3.89 / 5.00

Sep 3, 2010
6:28 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun