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This is my first flash game and also my first 3d game.
I hope you find something that you like in this game!

Thanks to:
Papervision 3D engine creators.
Mac Melto for awesome track,
flazm for help in translation
and to Badim.

Thanks, Septem.

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Anything with 3-D and good music deserves 100 stars fro me...

Good game

This game has me completely hooked. I love it!

Kudos on a decent first run.

Not the best game in the world, but I was engaged nonetheless.

I'll start by saying that because this is your first game, I bumped it up one star. Still, you would have earned a 7 by me any other time. Good show ol' bean.

There are a few problems in the game play.
First off, it's too easy. I beat every level on my first try. I'm not saying make a level where you get blown to bits if you don't move right away, but do try to make it a little harder.

The second problem was rebounding off every corner or enemy platform I moved into. I believe someone made mention of this already. I tried seeing if I could use the rebound effect to my advantage, but you cannot. The rebound does not help to change direction quickly. Instead it hinders movement enough to make dodging... well limited. I suggest that if nothing else, the mounted turret platforms could offer cover from fire. That way bumping into them wouldn't be such a nuisance.

My last problem is that overall the game was on the slow side. I felt that gaining new weapons fell under the category of 'upgrades', but something to improve speed of the ship would have been nice. However, the game was short enough and my patience was long enough so that this wasn't a major issue.

Because the game was short, the experience wasn't all that bad. Two slightly different um... background... grounds were nice. Could have added a few more objects like the crashed ships in the first level. Something like a crater or maybe neutral buildings. Just something that gives you more of a feeling of what you are on whether it be a planet or a floating rock.

The change in weapons was nice. But there could have been more variety. Perhaps not in the weapon upgrades but maybe the enemies themselves. I liked that you had to use rockets to kill certain enemies, so you could expand there.

I liked the idea of having to destroy enemy structures to continue or stop enemies from overrunning you. You could expand here as well. Put turrets on the buildings or make a puzzle out of it. Go wild!

Altogether, I enjoyed it. It was a nice and engaging play-through game.

Septem responds:

Thanks sumova for sharing your experience it is helpful for me.
Regarding slow side probably you should try to play at lowest graphics settings - press Q few times, on my pc I also use lowest settings since it is bit old.
Regarding more objects on levels - it could slow down game a lot but I totaly agree that it would be better to have them. Thanks again.

Fix the hitboxes

Instead of rebounding on invisible walls, just make it stop.

Would be fun if we could upgrade a thign or two, like speed.

Otherwise, its a fun game. Well used 3D.


Like it. Really liked the mechwarrior throw back idea. What is dexterity? I sucked at that...

Credits & Info

4.57 / 5.00

Sep 2, 2010
1:45 PM EDT