Tuper Tario Tros Redone

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the old tuper tario tros movie had bad animation and not so good story so i made this

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This was a game right? called super tetris bros or something

adscomics responds:

Tuper Tario Tros

Mario + Tetris'D = This

I agree with thesauce

Everone,could you stop posting things like "ugh" or "too plain"?I bet you that this guy who made this worked very hard on the redone version!I guess you people that said "Ugh" don't know how hard he worked to get this to you.He also probably worked hard on the first Tuper Tario Tros!So say only nice things.Dont say that it needs more work.Thats just MEAN!Kirby is ashamed of you ALL.

Um it looked really plain and simple most of the time and the animation didn't quite go with the tempo of the song....like the music would be at an epic part and mario is just standing there......plus the overall story wasnt very good and the block part was waaaayyy too short.....i see promise in this but needs improvement