Bum Nuts

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"Bum Nuts"

The following is a an except from a real Gchat trying to brainstorm
the name for this short..


Phil: Homeless Where the Heart Is
Joey: "It Began with Bum Nuts" or "Bum Nuts"
Phil: Bum Nuts is up there. Makes me wish the short was more about
Brett's balls.
Joey: we can add some adr
JOEY: SO Brett.. how is Mary.
BRETT: I don't know you tell me. Hey, lets talk about my nuts some more.
Phil: Straight Up Bummin'
Bum A Ride
Joey: Bum Biggity Bum Bum
Phil: BUMper Bowling
Bum Sex
Joey: Internet Bum Porn
Phil: Bum Dog Millionaire
Who's the Bum Now Dog
Joey: Shawshank ReBUMtion
Not without my bum
Phil: Seven (Bums)
excuse me: Se7en (Bums)
Joey: "Ow My Bum (Homeless Person)"
Phil: Morgan Freebum
Forget it, it's bumtown.
Joey: "Bummer"


100% real folks.

EDIT: Thanks for the frontpage! means a lot! :D


lol his wife cheated on him

This is probably one of your funniest episodes. It's most likely because it's just great to see that one guy hit his head. No, I still haven't remembered what these guys' names are! Heck, they're not even called by their names in the cartoon! The animation and voice acting was as amazing as ever. I knew things weren't going to turn out well for the bum in the end.

I thought it was funny when he mentioned growing a beard. My brother grew a beard once, out of laziness and he looked like a homeless guy. I guess now everyone involved with him is homeless. He is kind of a moron so it's funny to see him get beat up. I knew there'd be a prison joke like that at the end.

"your wife is hot...your baby is black.. NAP!" *thud*
best line ever. great vid ^^


i laughed realy hard at this video XD


Dont make such a big deal about thumbs

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Sep 2, 2010
11:55 AM EDT
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